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    American Politics Today

    Core Sixth Edition

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    William T. Bianco (Author, Indiana University, Bloomington), David T. Canon (Author, University of Wisconsin, Madison)


    Cut through the noise to understand how politics really works

    Fake news. Twitter rants. Misinformation. Silos. Echo chambers. Spin. Alternative facts. Investigation, accusation, and obfuscation. Punditry, polls, and prognostication. This is today’s politics. To cut through the noise, students need a guide to how politics really works and why it matters. American Politics Today has been that trusted source. And the new sixth edition brings even greater focus to examining preconceived notions of how government operates and understanding what’s really going on.


    Understand what’s behind today’s heated political conflicts

    This text models the ways students can use their understanding of the nuts and bolts of American politics to make sense of the impassioned, opinionated narratives that fill political media today. Throughout each chapter, the authors consistently connect key concepts with current events. This shows how the mechanics of politics inform political debates today, and gives students tools to evaluate what they’re hearing.  

    Resources that help students learn, retain, and apply core concepts

    Book specific study tools help students understand the reading and apply what they’ve learned. This ensures they arrive better prepared for lecture. And assessing students is easy with the variety of activities built specifically to complement the book. 

    Today’s students demand a ruthlessly contemporary focus

    The authors are committed to keeping the book current. They have scrutinized every page, always asking themselves if newer examples—from events students have heard of or experienced—can illustrate key points. 



      Chapter 1: Understanding American Politics

      Chapter 2: The Constitution and the Founding

      Chapter 3: Federalism

      Chapter 4: Civil Liberties

      Chapter 5: Civil Rights



      Chapter 6: Public Opinion

      Chapter 7: The Media

      Chapter 8: Political Parties

      Chapter 9: Elections

      Chapter 10: Interest Groups



      Chapter 11: Congress

      Chapter 12: The Presidency

      Chapter 13: The Bureaucracy

      Chapter 14: The Courts



      The Declaration of Independence

      The Articles of Confederation

      The Constitution of the United States of America

      Amendments to the Constitution

      The Federalist Papers, Nos. 10, 51, and 78