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An Introduction to America's Music

Third Edition

Ebook, EPUB

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Richard Crawford (Author, University of Michigan), Larry Hamberlin (Author, Middlebury College)


An ear-opening exploration of music's New World, from Puritan psalmody to Hamilton

Authors Richard Crawford and Larry Hamberlin use 90 pieces to show how the lively interactions among the folk, popular, and classical spheres have made American music resonate with audiences around the world. Along the way, students gain a clearer understanding of music's role in the history of American society, business, and technology.


The many threads of American music woven into a single, rich tapestry

The story of America’s music is vast, stretching across time, genres, cultures, and audiences. Combining broad scholarship with masterful writing, the authors probe the boundaries between folk, popular, and classical traditions. They arrive at a story of American music that stresses connection over difference, revealing how music reflects broader social and cultural movements.         

Stronger listening pedagogy than any other book

No narrative, however strong, can fully communicate the marvelous landscape of sound that is American music. To support student comprehension and appreciation, we offer substantial help through close, active listening guidance.

Fresh perspectives and provocative connections highlight cultural context

Music has the power to reach across boundaries of race, region, culture, and background, and the interplay between music and context is a constant refrain in the book. Each chapter brings together a diverse range of music and draws out common, unifying themes. 

    Introduction: One People, One Music?

    Part 1  America’s Music from Colonization through the Civil War  

    Chapter 1“Nature Must Inspire the Thought”: Sacred Music in the European Colonies

    Chapter 2)  “The Favorite Passion of My Soul”: Secular Music in the Colonies and Early Republic       

    Chapter 3)  “How Sweet the Sound”: Sacred Music in the New Republic          

    Chapter 4)  “Make a Noise”: African American Music before the Civil War       

    Chapter 5)  “A Language of Feeling”: Cultivating Musical Tastes in Antebellum America

    Chapter 6“The Ethiopian Business”: Minstrelsy and Popular Song through the Civil War

    Part 2  America’s Music from the Civil War through World War I  

    Chapter 7)  “All That Is Native and Fine”: American Indian Music, Folk Songs, Spirituals, and Their Collectors          

    Chapter 8“After the Ball”: Band Music, Gospel Hymns, and Popular Songs after the Civil War        

    Chapter 9)  “To Stretch Our Ears”: Classical Music Comes of Age          

    Chapter 10“Come On and Hear”: Popular Music, Theater, and Dance at the Turn of the Century       

    Part 3  America’s Music from World War I through World War II  

    Chapter 11)  “A Grasping of the Heart”: The Rise of Blues and Gospel Music     

    Chapter 12)  “Hypnosis at First Hearing”: Jazz in the Modern Era

    Chapter 13“Where Book-Learning Is Not”: Country and Folk Music in the Modern Era

    Chapter 14Saying “I Love You” in Thirty-Two Bars: Popular Songs on Stage and Screen

    Chapter 15“Organized Sound”: Concert Music in the Modern Era         

    Chapter 16“A Thread Unwinding”: Modernist Music during and after the Great Depression

    Part 4  America’s Music in the Postwar Era 

    Chapter 17) New Sounds, Ancient Voices: Classical Music in the Postwar Era   

    Chapter 18“An Art That Arises out of American Roots”: Jazz, Musical Theater, and Film Music in the Postwar Era 

    Chapter 19“Songs from the Tree of Life”: Country and Folk Music in the Postwar Era

    Chapter 20“Good Rocking Tonight”: Popular Music in the Early Postwar Era   

    Chapter 21) “Stayin’ Alive”: Popular Music in the Late Postwar Era        

    Part 5  America’s Music since 1980  

    Chapter 22) Narrowing the Gap: Classical Music since 1980       

    Chapter 23Thoroughly Postmodern: Film Music, Jazz, and Musical Theater since 1980          

    Chapter 24Roots: Folk Music since 1980

    Chapter 25Alternatives: Popular Music since 1980, Part 1

    Chapter 26Remix: Popular Music since 1980, Part 2