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Gateways to Drawing

A Complete Guide

First Edition


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Stephen CP Gardner (Author, Savannah College of Art and Design)


Designed for flexibility

With a modular design and comprehensive topical coverage, this text allows you to design exactly the course you wish to teach. From basic setup and choice of materials to self-critique and evaluation of drawings, this adaptable guide covers the full drawing sequence. An optional, free sketchbook makes this book an unmatched value for students.


Publication date for instructor exam copies:December 2018

On-sale date for student copies and accompanying resources: June 2019

Flexible, yet comprehensive

This text can support a nearly endless variety of courses. From basic setup and choice of materials to self-critique and evaluation of drawings—this guide goes beyond the fundamentals to include chapters on still life, figure drawing, portraiture, and landscape. “In the Studio” projects (with three levels of difficulty) address the needs of introductory and intermediate students alike with fundamental, direct-observation, and non-observational drawing assignments.

Many pathways for developing skills

“In the Studio”  projects, “Sketchbook Prompts” (in the book and Sketchbook), guiding “Tips,” and the accompanying Sketchbook itself offer students many ways to master skills by doing. Visual step-by-step demonstration photos develop skills that range from basic to complex. Supporting author-created videos demonstrate each step of the observational drawing process, including use of linear perspective—one of the more difficult techniques to master.

Beautiful full-color artworks from around the globe and many diverse fields

Full-color traditional and contemporary images from artists around the globe are used to teach the elements and techniques of drawing. Works by both professionals and students demonstrate the drawing practice needed and goals achieved.Observing drawings from many different fields—fashion, graphic design, architecture, interior design, and illustration—show the practical applications of drawing not only as art, but also as a means of communicating ideas.

“Gateway” images teach visual analysis from different perspectives

Three “Gateway” images that  span both time and place teach students how to analyze drawings from different perspectives—a common course goal. The images function in multiple ways. Overlays on the artworks and detailed close-ups help students to see important concepts such as composition and design elements and principles.

    Gateways to Drawing
    A Complete Guide
    Table of Contents


    Part 1: Why Draw?

    Chapter 1: Drawing as a Way of Life
    Chapter 2: Modes, Sources, and Expressions
    Chapter 3: Mark-Making and Media

    Part 2: How to Draw

    Chapter 4: Composing a Compelling Drawing
    Chapter 5: The Sketchbook
    Chapter 6: How to Draw What You See

    Part 3: Drawing Elements

    Chapter 7: Line
    Chapter 8: Shape
    Chapter 9: Value
    Chapter 10: Form
    Chapter 11: Space
    Chapter 12: Texture
    Chapter 13: Drawing with Color

    Part 4: What to Draw

    Chapter 14: Still-Life Drawing
    Chapter 15: Drawing the Human Figure
    Chapter 16: Portraiture
    Chapter 17: Landscape Drawing

    Part 5: Evaluating Drawings

    Chapter 18: Looking at Drawing: Critical Thinking and Critique

    Glossary of Artistic Movements, Styles, and Periods
    Sources of Quotations
    Illustration Credits

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