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Archaeology Essentials

Theories, Methods, and Practice

Fourth Edition

Paperback + Digital Product License Key Folder

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Paul Bahn (Author), Colin Renfrew (Author, University of Cambridge)


Archaeology for today’s student

Retaining its hallmark concision and authoritative presentation of the most recent breakthrough discoveries, methods, and interpretations, the Fourth Edition sets a new standard for learning support. To provide even greater student engagement, the book is supported by two new and important resources: an Active Archaeology Notebook with 20 class-tested activities; and InQuizitivefor Archaeology—an engaging, adaptive learning tool that strengthens concept mastery and application.


Reflects the field’s most recent and relevant breakthroughs

Fully updated with the most significant innovations in archaeology, the Fourth Edition covers the technologies that are driving the latest discoveries. Discussions of drones, ancient DNA, 3D printing, and research into ancient diet help demonstrate the relevance and connections of archaeological methods to technologies that students encounter in other fields.

Powerful new media engages students

Archaeology Essentials offers an unprecedented combination of digital resources. For the first time, students will have free access to InQuizitivean award-winning adaptive learning tool. Students also have access to video interviews with Colin Renfrew and concept-focused modules by Kelly Knudson (coauthor of Principles of Archaeology). Also included is free instructor access to the Archaeology Global Gallerya collection of hundreds of supplemental images sourced from fellow archaeologists.

Free Active Archaeology Notebook supports dynamic, in-class activities

Build effective and fun in-class learning experiences with the Active Archaeology Notebook. Available at no cost when packaged with the text, this important new supplement was conceived by a team of instructors from the SAA Curriculum Committee under the direction of Leah McCurdy (University of Texas at Arlington). Every activity has been class tested. Online instructor notes align the activities to learning objectives and explain how they can be graded.


    Chapter 1 – Searching for the Past: The History of Archaeology

    Chapter 2 – What Is Left?: The Variety of the Evidence

    Chapter 3 – Where?: Survey and Excavation of Sites and Features

    Chapter 4 – When?: Dating Methods and Chronology

    Chapter 5 – How Were Societies Organized?: Social Archaeology

    Chapter 6 – What Was the Environment and What Did They Eat?: Environment, Subsistence, and Diet

    Chapter 7 – How Were Artifacts Made, Used, and Distributed?: Technology, Trade, and Exchange

    Chapter 8 – What Were They Like?: The Bioarchaeology of People

    Chapter 9 – What Did They Think?: Cognitive Archaeology

    Chapter 10 – Why Did Things Change?: Explanation in Archaeology

    Chapter 11 – Whose Past?: Archaeology and the Public

    Chapter 12 – The Future of the Past: Managing Our Heritage


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