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  • August 2018
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-66376-1
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    Biology Now

    High School Second Edition

    Hardcover + Digital Product License Key Folder

    with Ebook, InQuizitive, and Smartwork5

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    Anne Houtman (Author, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology), Cindy Malone (Author, California State University - Northridge), Megan Scudellari (Author), Rebecca Brewer (Author, Troy High School)


    The perfect balance of science and story—written with NGSS in mind

    Brief chapters are written to teach science through engaging stories, combining compelling science with intriguing anecdotes. The Second High School Edition features NEW stories on exciting topics such as battling antibiotic-resistant superbugs and the human microbiome, and coverage of the course’s most important content areas. Biology Now is written by an author team made up of a science writer and three experienced teachers. Pedagogy in the book and online encourages students to think critically, engage with biology in the world around them, and tie concepts they learn to the Next Generation Science Standards.


    Build critical-thinking skills with in-text pedagogy and online assessment

    Extensive pedagogy in the book and in online assessment ensure students learn and remember the science behind the story, as well as tie concepts they learn to the Next Generation Science Standards*. The Second Edition’s pedagogy is weighted even more toward challenging students to think critically and engage with examples of biology in the world around them.

    Teaching science through engaging stories

    Each chapter is built around a compelling science news story that motivates students to read and stimulates their curiosity about the biological concepts underlying the story. Five NEW stories on hot topics such as battling antibiotic-resistant superbugs and the human microbiome make the Second High School Edition up-to-date. Expanded coverage of key content areas and references to the Next Generation Science Standard’s Disciplinary Core Ideas ensure students get a solid foundation in the science behind the story.

    Compelling art engages students with the science

    We know that visualization is crucial to understanding concepts and processes in biology. To support student comprehension,many pages in Biology Now  devote more space to vibrant and engaging figures with questions to check student understanding.

    Norton’s resources ensure mastery of key concepts

    The Norton suite of resources for Biology Now includes tools that help students understand the reading and apply what they have learned. These tools help to ensure that students arrive better prepared for class discussions. Assessing students is easy with a variety of activities created specifically to complement the book.

    *NGSS is a registered trademark of Achieve. Neither Achieve nor the lead states and partners that developed the Next Generation Science Standards were involved in the production of this product, and do not endorse it.


      1.     The Nature of Science: Caves of Death

      2.     Applying the Science: A Critical Choice

      UNIT 2: CELLS

      3.     Chemistry of Life: Ingredients of Life

      4.     Life is Cellular: Engineering Life

      5.     How Cells Work: Rock Eaters NEW STORY

      6.     Cell Division: Toxic Plastic


      7.     Patterns of Inheritance: Dog Days of Science

      8.     Chromosomes and Hum Genetics: A Deadly Inheritance

      9.     What Genes Are: Choice Cuts NEW STORY

      10.  How Genes Work: Tobacco’s New Leaf


      11.  Evidence for Evolution: Whale Hunting

      12.  Mechanisms of Evolution: Battling Resistance

      13.  Adaptation and Species: Fast Lizards, Slow Corals


      14.  The History of Life: The First Bird

      15.  NEW CHAPTER Bacteria and Archaea: Navel Gazing

      16.  NEW CHAPTER Plants, Fungi, and Protists: The Dirt on Black-Market Plants

      17.  Animals and Human Evolution: Neanderthal Sex NEW STORY


      18.  General Principles of Ecology: Amazon on Fire

      19.  Growth of Populations: Zika-Busting Mosquitos NEW STORY

      20.  Communities of Organisms: Of Wolves and Trees

      21.  Ecosystems: Here and Gone


      22.  Homeostasis, Reproduction, and Development: Baby Bust

      23.  Digestive, Muscular, and Skeletal Systems: The Sunshine Vitamin

      24.  Circulatory, Respiratory, Urinary, and Nervous Systems: Body (Re)Building

      25.  Endocrine and Immune Systems: Testing the Iceman

      26.  Plant Physiology: Amber Waves of Grain