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  1. Psychology

Psychology in Your Life

Third Edition

Paperback + Digital Product License Key Folder

with Ebook, InQuizitive, and Concept Videos

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Michael Gazzaniga (Author, University of California, Santa Barbara), Sarah Grison (Author, Parkland College)


Integrated teaching, learning, and assessment tools, created by a master teacher

Master teacher Sarah Grison has set the new standard for introductory psychology texts. Through a NEW study unit format based on learning research, concepts are presented in a pedagogically consistent, accessible way. Learning Goal Activities and InQuizitive, Norton’s adaptive quizzing tool, engage students in active learning. The NEW High Impact Practices (HIP): A Teaching Guide for Psychology provides research-based teaching. An innovative NEW collection of animated Concept Videos helps students visualize the most challenging topics.


Active learning with an innovative text and author-driven tools

No other author takes such an integrated approach to teaching, learning, and assessment tools. Not only does Sarah Grison incorporate active learning and applications into the text and student learning tools, but she spends just as much time supporting instructors and their goals with her teaching resources. Grison believes that students and teachers succeed best when supported by the best learning tools.

NEW study unit format and InQuizitive improve reading comprehension

The NEW study unit format, red Q assessment sections, and InQuizitive online quizzing are all grounded in learning research. Research shows that students comprehend material better when it’s broken up into shorter chunks. That’s why the new study unit format will make a difference for students. Frequent assessment opportunities (in-text and online) will improve students’ reading comprehension and understanding of the material.

NEW innovative videos help students visualize challenging concepts

20+ NEW Concept Videos provide brief, animated explanations of the concepts that students find most challenging in each chapter, using relatable everyday scenarios. From the selection of topics through the development of the animations, Sarah Grison guided the creation of each video. Teaching and Demonstration Videos provide additional support for lecture.

Supports the latest APA guidelines

APA guidelines are frequently color-coded in the pedagogy throughout the text, placing a strong emphasis on learning fundamentals, application, scientific inquiry, and critical thinking. Every effort has been made to reflect diversity and inclusion throughout the text and teaching support program.


    1. Introducing the World of Psychology

    2. The Role of Biology in Psychology

    3. Consciousness 

    4. Development Across the Life Span

    5. Sensation and Perception 

    6. Learning

    7. Memory

    8. Thinking and Intelligence

    9. Motivation and Emotion

    10. Sex, Gender, and Sexuality

    11. Health and Well-Being

    12. Social Psychology

    13. Self and Personality

    14. Psychological Disorders 

    15. Psychological Treatments

    Appendix A: Analyzing Data in Psychological Research

    Appendix B: Answers to Red Q Questions and Self-Quiz Questions