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Intermediate Microeconomics: A Modern Approach

Media Update

Ninth Edition, Media Update

Loose leaf + Digital Product License Key Folder

with Ebook, Smartwork5, and Animations

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Hal R. Varian (Author, University of California, Berkeley)


The most modern and authoritative text—now with online homework

From Google’s chief economist, Varian’s best-selling intermediate microeconomics texts are revered as some of the best in the field. And now students can work problems online with Smartwork5, Norton’s online homework system, packaged at no additional charge with the Media Update Editions. In addition to online homework, the texts now include four-color graphs and new interactive animations.


The problem-solving approach you trust—now online

Intermediate Microeconomics is a foundational course where students begin to develop the analytical and problem-solving skills they’ll use in the rest of their studies and career. Smartwork5 for practice and assessment has been designed to support and develop this critical skill by including both homework and adapted, multi-step “Workout” problems—including graphing problems—and is easy for students and instructors to use. Smartwork5 is included with the purchase of any Media Update Edition.

Cutting-edge text content by a trail-blazing economist

Now chief economist at Google, Hal Varian has taken part in the economic revolution sparked by new forms of technology and commerce. Used by well over a million students since its publication, Varian’s texts stay on the cutting-edge by incorporating thorough coverage of contemporary topics.

New Graphing Interactives, full-color figures, and PowerPoints enhance your course

Students often need additional support to understand and apply concepts such as production possibilities frontier, Edgeworth boxes, supply, demand, competition, and cost minimization. Graphing Interactives allow students to manipulate various factors that change results in the graph with accompanying explanations, enhancing their learning, which they can then apply to problems in Smartwork5.

All graphs and figures in the Media Update have been updated in consistent, full-color formats. All figures and Graphing Interactives meet accessibility guidelines.


    1.     The Market

    2.     Budget Constraint

    3.     Preferences

    4.     Utility

    5.     Choice

    6.     Demand

    7.     Revealed Preference

    8.     Slutsky Equation

    9.     Buying and Selling

    10.  Intertemporal Choice

    11.  Asset Markets

    12.  Uncertainty

    13.  Risky Assets

    14.  Consumer's Surplus

    15.  Market Demand

    16.  Equilibrium

    17.  Measurement

    18.  Auctions

    19.  Technology

    20.  Profit Maximization

    21.  Cost Minimization

    22.  Cost Curves

    23.  Firm Supply

    24.  Industry Supply

    25.  Monopoly

    26.  Monopoly Behavior

    27.  Factor Markets

    28.  Oligopoly

    29.  Game Theory

    30.  Game Applications

    31.  Behavioral Economics

    32.  Exchange

    33.  Production

    34.  Welfare

    35.  Externalities

    36.  Information Technology

    37.  Public Goods

    38.  Asymmetric Information


    Mathematical Appendix