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  • ISBN: 978-0-393-67536-8
  • 320 pages
  • Territory Rights: USA and Dependencies, Philippines and Canada.
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    Governing California in the Twenty-First Century

    Seventh Edition

    Paperback + Digital Product License Key Folder

    with Ebook and InQuizitive

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    J. Theodore Anagnoson (Author, California State University, Los Angeles), Gerald Bonetto (Author, California State University, Los Angeles), J. Vincent Buck (Author, California State University, Fullerton), Jolly Emrey (Author, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater), James J. Kelleher (Author, College of the Canyons), Nadine Koch (Author, California State University, Los Angeles), Melissa Michelson (Author, Menlo College)


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    Get students thinking critically about California politics

    This text provides a thorough introduction to the major institutions and processes of California state politics. It emphasizes critical thinking and the relevance of state government to students’ lives. New coauthor Melissa Michelson (Menlo College) brings expertise on how race and ethnicity intersect with California politics to the thoroughly updated Seventh Edition. 

    The most current look at California politics

    Up-to-date through the 2018 elections, the Seventh Edition includes coverage of the 2018 governor’s race and other campaigns, as well as current issues such as immigration, transportation funding, and affordable housing. New coauthor Melissa Michelson brings to the Seventh Edition a contemporary perspective on the politics of race and ethnicity in California. 

    Unique InQuizitive activities ensure students understand the fundamentals

    Governing California is supported by InQuizitive, Norton’s adaptive online learning tool. InQuizitive helps ensure students understand the key ideas from the book, with guided feedback to keep them on track. InQuizitive is deeply tied to the book’s coverage, with questions based on key features like “Who are Californians?” Detailed analytics make it easy to track students’ progress and helps instructors determine which topics students understand well and where they may be struggling.  

    Emphasizes critical thinking and the issues California students care about

    Governing California emphasizes a critical-analytical approach to state politics and provides students with the tools they need to form educated opinions about the state’s most pressing issues. From immigration to state taxes to transportation, the text shows how California government affects students’ lives.

      1.     California Government in Crisis (Ted Anagnoson)

      2.     The Constitution and Progressive Legacy (Gerald Bonetto & Melissa Michelson)

      3.     Interest Groups and the Media (Gerald Bonetto)

      4.     Parties and Elections in California (Nadine Koch)

      5.     The California Legislature (Vincent Buck)

      6.     The Governor and the Executive Branch (Vincent Buck & Melissa Michelson)

      7.     The California Judiciary (Jolly Emrey)

      8.     The State Budget and Budgetary Limitations (Ted Anagnoson)

      9.     Local Government (Rich DeLeon & Melissa Michelson)

      10.  Public Policy in California (Ted Anagnoson)