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  • April 2019
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    American Government

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    Loose leaf + Digital Product License Key Folder

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    Stephen Ansolabehere (Author, Harvard University), Benjamin Ginsberg (Author, The Johns Hopkins University), Theodore J. Lowi (Author, Cornell University), Kenneth A. Shepsle (Author, Harvard University)


    A fresh, accessible perspective on the fundamentals

    Why does the American political system work the way it does? This major revision brings a renewed focus to the institutions, processes, and data that illuminate big questions about governance and representation in the United States. With a new adaptive learning tool, this edition does more than ever to help students understand how American government developed over time and how it works today.


    New themes of representation and governance help students understand fundamental questions

    Throughout the text, the authors use the themes of representation and governance to frame important questions about American politics. This helps students see how institutional rules and structures, history, and empirical evidence lead to a deeper understanding of the major topics in American politics.

    Shows how the historical development of American government influences politics today

    Known for its strong coverage of the Constitution, federalism, and the evolution of the major institutions of government, the text also incorporates recent scholarship on patterns and events that have shaped the political system and policy outcomes. Unique “Timeplot” infographics highlight the historical data that put current events in context.

    A current look at how institutions and processes shape policy

    Chapter 13 on economic and social policy has been reconceived by contributing author Elizabeth Rigby (George Washington University) to reflect recent scholarship and current issues—and to explicitly build on what students have learned about institutions and processes in earlier chapters. In all 14 chapters, “Policy Principle” boxes (many new or updated) provide brief case studies that apply key concepts to recent policy issues.

    Media resources—including the NEW InQuizitive adaptive learning tool—ensure mastery of the fundamentals

    The Norton suite of student resources includes study tools that help students understand the reading and apply what they’ve learned. This ensures they arrive better prepared for lecture. Assessing students is easy with the variety of activities built specifically to complement the book.  

    Friendly design and affordable, flexible formats

    This completely redesigned text now comes in several printed and digital formats to suit every student’s needs.



      1. Introduction: Representation and Governance

      2. The Founding and the Constitution

      3. Federalism and the Separation of Powers

      4. Civil Liberties and Civil Rights



      5. Congress

      6. The Presidency

      7. The Executive Branch

      8. The Federal Courts



      9.  Public Opinion and the Media

      10. Elections

      11. Political Parties

      12. Groups and Interests


      PART 4: POLICY

      13. Introduction to Public Policy

      14. Foreign Policy