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  • Volume(s): One-Volume
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    A History of Modern Europe

    Fourth Edition


    Volume(s): One-Volume

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    John Merriman (Author, Yale University)


    The leading text, beloved for authoritative coverage and narrative flair

    Students and instructors alike praise A History of Modern Europe for its authoritative coverage from the Renaissance to the present day. Written in Merriman’s signature narrative style, the book is brightened with humor and biographical sketches. The Fourth Edition reflects the latest scholarship while placing special emphasis on the theme of war and society. A new full-color design features a completely redrawn map program and new pedagogical and teaching tools.


    Up-to-date scholarship, with an emphasis on war and society

    A leading scholar, Merriman brings this edition thoroughly up to date with findings from fascinating recent scholarship. The Fourth Edition includes expanded coverage of women’s history, the history of slavery and race, and other social history topics. Merriman places a new thematic emphasis on how the social fabric of Europe was profoundly shaped by war and violence, a vigorous area of recent scholarship.

    A vivid reading and learning experience

    To enhance Merriman’s masterful storytelling, the Fourth Edition boasts a brand-new, full-color design. New features enhance the narrative while offering a more enjoyable learning experience. The map program has been completely redrawn, making maps easier to decipher.

    New support for instructors

    New instructor resources support a range of teaching needs, from art slides to utilize in lectures, to a test bank featuring 750 multiple-choice and 60 essay questions.


      Part One: Foundations

      Chapter 1 Medieval Legacies and Transforming Discoveries

      Chapter 2 The Renaissance

      Chapter 3 The Two Reformations

      Chapter 4 The Wars Of Religion

      Part Two: Statemaking

      Chapter 5 The Rise of the Atlantic Economy: Spain and England

      Chapter 6 England and the Dutch Republic in the Seventeenth Century

      Chapter 7 The Age of Absolutism, 1650–1720

      Part Three: New Cultural and Political Horizons

      Chapter 8 The New Philosophy of Science

      Chapter 9 Enlightened Thought and The Republic Of Letters

      Chapter 10 Eighteenth-Century Economic and Social Change

      Chapter 11 Eighteenth-Century Dynastic Rivalries and Politics

      Part Four: Revolutionary Europe, 1789–1850

      Chapter 12 The French Revolution

      Chapter 13 Napoleon and Europe

      Chapter 14 The Industrial Revolution

      Chapter 15 Liberal Challenges to Restoration Europe

      Chapter 16 The Revolutions of 1848

      Part Five: The Age of Mass Politics

      Chapter 17 The Era of National Unification

      Chapter 18 The Dominant Powers in the Age of Liberalism: Parliamentary Britain, Tsarist Russia, and Republican France

      Chapter 19 Rapid Industrialization and Its Challenges, 1870–1914

      Chapter 20 Political and Cultural Responses to a Rapidly Changing World

      Chapter 21 The Age of European Imperialism

      Part Six: Cataclysm

      Chapter 22 The Great War

      Chapter 23 Revolutionary Russia and the Soviet Union

      Chapter 24 The Elusive Search for Stability in the 1920s

      Chapter 25 The Europe of Economic Depression and Dictatorship

      Chapter 26 World War II

      Part Seven: Europe in the Post-War Era

      Chapter 27 Rebuilding Divided Europe

      Chapter 28 The Cold War and the End of European Empires

      Chapter 29 Transitions to Democracy and the Collapse of Communism

      Chapter 30 Global Challenges: The War Against Terror and the Uncertainties of a New Age