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  • Forthcoming: January 2019
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-66833-9
  • Territory Rights: USA and Dependencies, Philippines and Canada.

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    Essential Listening

    Second Edition


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    Scott DeVeaux (Author, University of Virginia), Gary Giddins (Author, The Leon Levy Center for Biography)


    The Essentials edition of the No.1 jazz text, now with Total Access

    Now with streaming audio for every track, this text provides everything students need for listening to, understanding, and loving jazz. Written by two master storytellers, the book combines a dynamic listening experience with vivid narrative history, must-hear masterworks, and a superior media package to reveal the excitement of America’s quintessential music.


    The rich story of jazz told through essential masterworks

    A compelling narrative weaves history, context, and personalities together into a vivid story of this quintessentially American music. The Second Essentials Edition is streamlined and reorganized around 47 carefully selected jazz recordings to cast this story in even sharper relief.

    DeVeaux and Giddins explore broad cultural and historical contexts

    An established jazz scholar and a leading jazz journalist combine to form a unique voice. Their backgrounds allow them to situate the music within the broader context of American culture and politics. Students see that the evolution of the music is inseparable from the issues that shape us as Americans.

    Brief, focused coverage engages directly with the music

    Covering a little over half the repertory featured inthe full version, the Essentials edition focuses on the must-know players and composers and their works. Vivid narrative provides context for streamlined in-text Listening Guides that zero in on major musical details.

    The richest media to reflect this liveliest art

    With Jazz: Essential Listening, Norton provides access to a wealth of resources that no other text can match. These resources will help students understand and experience the thrill of the music as jazz musicians do, while teachers get access to the tools needed to make teaching the course effective and efficient.



      PART I:  EARLY JAZZ (1900−1930)

      • Chapter 1: The Roots of Jazz
      • Chapter 2: New Orleans
      • Chapter 3: New York in the 1920s
      • Chapter 4: Louis Armstrong and the First Great Soloists


      • Chapter 5: Swing Bands
      • Chapter 6: Count Basie and Duke Ellington
      • Chapter 7: A World of Soloists


      • Chapter 8: Bebop
      • Chapter 9: The 1950s: Cool Jazz and Hard Bop
      • Chapter 10: Jazz Composition in the 1950s
      • Chapter 11: Modality: Miles Davis and John Coltrane


      • Chapter 12: The Avant-Garde
      • Chapter 13: Fusion
      • Chapter 14: Historicism: Jazz on Jazz
      • Chapter 15: Jazz Today