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Essentials of Sociology

Seventh Edition

Loose leaf + Digital Product License Key Folder

with Ebook and InQuizitive

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Richard P. Appelbaum (Author, University of California, Santa Barbara), Deborah Carr (Author, Boston University), Mitchell Duneier (Author, City University of New York Graduate Center), Anthony Giddens (Author, London School of Economics)


Demonstrate the power of sociology for understanding today—and preparing for tomorrow

Drawing on up-to-the-minute examples, cutting-edge research, and the most current data, Essentials of Sociology powerfully illustrates how a sociological imagination can make us more thoughtful members of our social world, better citizens, and more effective future workers. (NEW) “Employing Your Sociological Imagination” features highlight the practical value of sociology to a wide range of careers. Extensive pedagogy and innovative media help students not only succeed in the course, but also develop the skills necessary for life beyond college.


Get students applying sociology to what they see in the news—and on their screens

In a time when “fake news” and “alternative facts” abound and empirical research is dismissed as “gobbledygook,” thinking critically about what’s in our news feeds is more important than ever. Engaging chapter openers that draw on current events demonstrate how sociological methods and concepts can help us understand today’s major social issues. “Digital Life” boxes explore how new technologies are transforming every aspect of modern life, including our relationships and how we learn and work.

NEW pedagogy demonstrates the value of sociology in the working world

The NEW “Employing Your Sociological Imagination” feature helps make the case for sociology by demonstrating the practical relevance of the discipline, whether students go into the health professions, social work, or the criminal justice field. Accompanying online activities help students connect careers to specific sociological concepts and skills, such as data literacy.

NEW In-text and online tools provide a framework for learning, and applying, core concepts

A thoughtful in-text pedagogical program, paired with InQuizitive, helps students master core sociological concepts before they come to class. NEW “Writing for Sociology” tutorials and “How to Read Charts and Graphs” and “Employing Your Sociological Imagination” online activities offer instructors easy-to-assign tools for improving their students’ writing and data literacy skills.

A textbook from a publisher committed to sociology—and sociology students

Unlike many of its competitors, Norton has demonstrated a true commitment to the discipline of sociology, publishing first editions for courses on race, gender, family, and research methods. Beyond our exciting new titles, Norton is also committed to making these same titles accessible to all students by adopting ethical pricing practices and making our books available in numerous formats. This ensures all students are on the same page.


    Chapter 1: Sociology: Theory and Method

    Chapter 2: Culture and Society

    Chapter 3: Socialization, the Life Course, and Aging

    Chapter 4: Social Interaction and Everyday life in the Age of the Internet

    Chapter 5: Groups, Networks, and Organizations

    Chapter 6: Conformity, Deviance, and Crime

    Chapter 7: Stratification, Class, and Inequality

    Chapter 8: Global Inequality

    Chapter 9: Gender Inequality

    Chapter 10: Race, Ethnicity, and Racism

    Chapter 11: Families and Intimate Relationships

    Chapter 12: Education and Religion

    Chapter 13: Politics and Economic Life

    Chapter 14: The Sociology of the Body: Health, Illness, and Sexuality

    Chapter 15: Urbanization, Populations, and the Environment

    Chapter 16: Globalization in a Changing World