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  • Greek Art and Archaeology

    A richly illustrated, authoritative, and accessible new survey that combines a clear chronological narrative with a fresh and up-to-date account of Greek art and archaeology.

Greek Art and Archaeology

Second Edition


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Richard T. Neer (Author, University of Chicago)


Visually stunning, now with wider context

This is the text that set a new standard in its field with striking visuals, fascinating reconstructions, accessible prose, and coverage of the wider Greek world. The Second Edition extends student understanding of Greek art in history through richer archaeological context and expanded coverage of both the earliest Bronze Age and latest Hellenistic periods.


Expanded coverage of Hellenistic art

In response to reviewer feedback, the Second Edition offers richer coverage of the later periods of Greek art, helping students better understand the tradition’s historical influence.

Emphasis on archaeological context

Neer is an expert at showing what we can learn about art and architectural objects from their immediate surroundings.He is unmatched in explaining how archaeology informs our understanding of Greek art and the context in which it functioned. The text also covers many of the latest archaeological discoveries.

Pathbreaking art program

With more than 550 images, over 90% of which are now in full color, the Second Edition is peerless in its visual presentation. The art photos enable students to see the materials and details more easily than is possible in competing histories. Specially commissioned reconstructions enable students to see how objects looked at the time of their production. And outstanding maps, with timelines, provide geographic and chronological context.




    Chronological Overview

    1.  Crete and the Cyclades to the Late Bronze Age

    2.  Greece and the Mycenaean World to c. 1100 bce

    3.  Geometric Greece, c. 1100–c. 700 bce

    4.  The Protoarchaic Period, c. 710–c. 600 bce

    5.  Archaic Architecture, Coinage, and Luxuries, c. 600–c. 520 bce

    6.  Early Archaic Sculpture, c. 600–c. 520 bce

    7.  Case Study: Olympia and Delphi, c. 900–c. 480 bce

    8.  Archaic into Classical, c. 520–c. 470 bce

    9.  Early Classical, c. 480–c. 440 bce

    10.  Case Study: Cyrene and Paestum

    11.  Case Study: Athens and the Akropolis, c. 480–c. 404 bce

    12.  High Classical, c. 440–c. 400 bce

    13.  Late Classical, c. 400–c. 323 bce

    14.  The Hellenistic World, c. 323–c. 100 bce


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