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  • Forthcoming: October 2019
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-62444-1
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The Canterbury Tales Handbook

First Edition


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Elizabeth Scala (Author, University of Texas at Austin)


The essential student companion for reading and understanding

An ideal companion to The Canterbury Tales, this brief, accessible book introduces students to Chaucer’s tales and helps them understand the language, genres, forms, historical background, and critical history.


Builds reading skills from the very first chapter

Developing solid Middle English reading skills at the start of the semester is essential to students’ success. This unique handbook devotes extra time to the General Prologue and the first few tales and builds comprehension through basic reading-research exercises.

Lively and accessible discussions of genres, sources, contexts, and more

In engaging and student-friendly prose, Elizabeth Scala contextualizes each tale by genre and form and examines crucial matters such as the teller of the tale, historical background, and critical history. She provides just enough information so that students can read or re-read Chaucer with confidence, knowing they can turn to the handbook for help with challenging language or unfamiliar concepts.

A great value on its own—even better when packaged

Priced considerably lower than competing texts—in both print and digital form—this handbook is a great value for any course in which The Canterbury Tales are taught in Middle English. When the handbook is packaged with either The Norton Chaucer or The Canterbury Tales, students get a deal that is truly unbeatable: the best handbook for just $10 extra.


    The General Prologue

    The Knights Tale

    The Miller’s Introduction and Tale

    The Reeve’s Introduction and Tale

    The Cook’s Introduction and Tale

    The Man of Law’s Introduction, Prologue, Tale, and Epilogue

    The Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale

    The Friar’s Introduction and Tale

    The Summoner’s Introduction Prologue and Tale

    The Clerk’s Introduction and Tale

    The Merchant’s Introduction and Tale

    The Squire’s Introduction and Tale

    The Franklin’s Introduction and Tale

    The Physician’s Tale

    The Pardoner’s Prologue and Tale

    The Shipman’s Tale

    The Prioress’ Introduction, Prologue, and Tale

    The Introduction and Tale of Sir Thopas

    The Tale of Melibee

    The Monk’s Introduction and Tale

    The Nuns Priest’s Introduction and Tale

    The Second Nun’s Prologue and Tale

    The Canon’s Yeoman’s Introduction and Tale

    The Manciple’s Introduction and Tale

    The Parson’s Introduction and Tale, and Chaucer’s Retraction