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  • May 2018
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    Essentials of Comparative Politics with Cases

    Sixth AP® Edition

    Ebook, EPUB

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    Patrick H. O'Neil (Author, University of Puget Sound)


    A seamless integration of the best-selling conceptual text and casebook.

    Based on O’Neil, Fields, and Share’s market-leading textbook and casebook, Essentials of Comparative Politics with Cases integrates key concepts with the relevant six case studies for the AP® curriculum—United Kingdom, Russia, China, Iran, Mexico, and Nigeria—following the relevant chapters. Students get all of the material they need in a seamless narrative that makes seeing connections easy.


    Up-to-date content keeps students in the know

    While keeping its focus on core concepts, the text includes meaningful updates that give students a clear picture of current political events and issues. Students will see how key concepts apply to current regimes in the Middle East, economic challenges in Greece and throughout the European Union, and the rise of anti-immigrant sentiment throughout developed democracies. 

    A consistent approach that works

    Big questions and a compelling story from current events kick off each chapter and draw students into the content to come. Learning Objectives give students a roadmap to the chapter and provide a helpful framework with which to organize their study and review, while In Focus boxes help students retain and review key concepts in preparation for the AP® Exam. And, each of the six country studies follows the same framework, focusing on geography and demographics, history, regimes, political conflict and competition, society, political economy, and foreign relations. This consistency makes it easy for students to use the cases to make their own comparisons.  

    Resources to help you

    The instructor resource package provides the tools you need to prepare for class. An Instructor's Manual offers helpful and creative resources for lecture planning and classroom activities, while lecture and art slides provide visual resources for your class. Our test bank, with questions organized by section and classified by difficulty, makes it easy for you to create assessments for your students.  

      Chapter 1: Introduction to Essentials of Comparative Politics
      Chapter 2: States
      Chapter 3: Nations and Society
      Chapter 4: Political Economy
      Chapter 5: Political Violence
      Chapter 6: Democratic Regimes
      Chapter 7: Developed Democracies
      Case 1: United Kingdom
      Chapter 8: Nondemocratic Regimes
      Chapter 9: Communism and Postcommunism
      Case 2: Russia
      Case 3: China
      Chapter 10: Developing Countries
      Case 4: Iran
      Case 5: Mexico
      Case 6: Nigeria
      Chapter 11: Globalization and the Future of Comparative Politics