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  • Paperback
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  • November 2018
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-67469-9
  • Territory Rights: Worldwide

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    Looking at Movies

    Sixth Edition


    with Ebook, InQuizitive, Video Tutorials, Interactives, Short Films, and Animations

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    Dave Monahan (Author, University of North Carolina, Wilmington)


    Students love watching movies. Help them understand why.

    Building on students’ enthusiasm for movies, this text is more successful than any other at motivating students to understand and analyze film. In the new Sixth Edition, author Dave Monahan has thoroughly revised the book for clarity and currency, while adding new interactive learning tools to support student learning. The best book and media package for introductory film just got better.


    The most accessible and most engaging guide to film analysis

    Starting with the familiar and building in complexity, this text is unrivalled in teaching students how to critically analyze and respond to films. Each concept is supported by intelligent media resources throughout. Thoroughly revised chapters on mise-en-scène, cinematography, and editing make the book more accessible and engaging than ever before. 

    A book that is made of media

    The text isn’t simply supplemented by the best media package; it is the most thoroughly media-driven introduction to film available. Video tutorials, interactives, animated illustrations in the ebook and more are as crucial to the book’s pedagogy as the words on the page. Plus, all the media elements are authored by and created under the supervision of the book’s expert author, Dave Monahan. 

    NEW: InQuizitive —a game-like, media-rich, interactive quizzing tool

    Students in an introductory film course are already motivated to watch movies and to discuss them with their classmates. But they sometimes struggle to learn the essential terms and concepts that make those conversations more analytical and interesting. InQuizitive, an adaptive learning tool that is NEW to the Sixth Edition, gives students the motivation they need to study and master this material. 


      Chapter 1: Looking at Movies

      Chapter 2: Principles of Film Form

      Chapter 3: Types of Movies

      Chapter 4: Elements of Narrative

      Chapter 5: Mise-en-Scène
      Chapter 6: Cinematography

      Chapter 7: Acting

      Chapter 8: Editing

      Chapter 9: Sound

      Chapter 10: Film History
      Chapter 11: How the Movies Are Made