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  • Loose leaf
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  • October 2014
  • ISBN: 978-0-815-34526-8
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    The Immune System

    Fourth Edition

    Loose leaf

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    Peter Parham (Author)


    A clear, concise, and contemporary presentation of immunological concepts

    This text emphasizes the human immune system and presents concepts with a balanced level of detail to describe how the immune system works. Written for undergraduate, medical, veterinary, dental, and pharmacy students, it makes generous use of medical examples to illustrate points. This classroom-proven textbook offers clear writing, full-color illustrations, and section and chapter summaries that make the content accessible and easily understandable to students.


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    Presents immunology from a human perspective

    The guiding principle of The Immune System is a focus on human immune systems, how they work, and how their successes, compromises, and failures affect the daily life of every one of us. Medical examples are presented in an engaging manner and effectively demonstrate important concepts. 

    A distinctive art program promotes student learning

    The text features an outstanding full-color art program including line drawings, micrographs, and photographs. The art program, using distinct and consistent iconography, is designed to enhance and extend the concepts and principles presented in the text without excessive detail. 

    Thoroughly updated to reflect rapidly advancing research

    Many phenomena that were unclear while writing the Third Edition are now understood, and as a result, the Fourth Edition was substantially revised to reflect the advances in the field. To maintain the clarity of writing that is a hallmark of The Immune System, the book has been reorganized to better present our understanding of immune system function. 

      1. Elements of the Immune System and Their Roles in Defense
      2. Innate Immunity: The Immediate Response to Infection
      3. Innate Immunity: The Induced Response to Infection
      4. Antibody Structure and the Generation of B-Cell Diversity
      5. Antigen Recognition by T Lymphocytes
      6. The Development of B Lymphocytes
      7. The Development of T Lymphocytes
      8. T Cell-Mediated Immunity
      9. Immunity Mediated by B Cells and Antibodies
      10. Preventing Infection at Mucosal Surfaces
      11. Immunological Memory and Vaccination
      12. Coevolution of Innate and Adaptive Immunity
      13. Failures of the Body’s Defenses
      14. IgE-Mediated Immunity and Allergy
      15. Transplantation of Tissues and Organs
      16. Disruption of Healthy Tissue by the Immune Response
      17. Cancer and Its Interactions with the Immune System