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  • Loose leaf
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  • May 2013
  • ISBN: 978-0-815-34529-9
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The Biology of Cancer

Second Edition

Loose leaf

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Robert A. Weinberg (Author)


The definitive text on cancer biology, thoroughly updated

Incorporating the most important advances in the fast-growing field of cancer biology, the text maintains all of its hallmark features. It is admired by students, instructors, researchers, and clinicians around the world for its clear writing, extensive full-color art program, and numerous pedagogical features.


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An in-depth, research-focused presentation of the science

This text is written by one of the preeminent cancer biologists of the last 40 years. The information within unfolds through the presentation of key experiments. This gives readers a sense of discovery while providing insights into the conceptual foundation of modern cancer biology. 

An extensive, detailed art program promotes deep conceptual understanding

Research data, by its very nature, is a visual medium. The art program emphasizes this fact to help readers truly understand key principles. Full-color figures present the latest research in vibrant and precise detail. These figures are accompanied by equally detailed figure captions.

Prepares students to read primary-research articles

Cancer biology is a rapidly advancing field, with new discoveries constantly appearing in the primary literature. The text combines a research-oriented approach with a clear, engaging narrative. These elements work together to help students read and interpret data-based information. Additional features further prepare students to read primary-research literature.  

    1. The Biology and Genetics of Cells and Organisms
    2. The Nature of Cancer
    3. Tumor Viruses
    4. Cellular Oncogenes
    5. Growth Factors, Receptors, and Cancer
    6. Cytoplasmic Signaling Circuitry Programs Many of the Traits of Cancer
    7. Tumor Suppressor Genes
    8. pRb and Control of the Cell Cycle Clock
    9. p53 and Apoptosis: Master Guardian and Executioner
    10. Eternal Life: Cell Immortalization and Tumorigenesis
    11. Multi-Step Tumorigenesis
    12. Maintenance of Genomic Integrity and the Development of Cancer
    13. Dialogue Replaces Monologue: Heterotypic Interactions and the Biology of Angiogenesis
    14. Moving Out: Invasion and Metastasis
    15. Crowd Control: Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy
    16. The Rational Treatment of Cancer