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  • June 2018
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The Musician's Guide to Fundamentals

Third Edition

Ebook, EPUB

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Jane Piper Clendinning (Author, Florida State University College of Music), Elizabeth West Marvin (Author, Eastman School of Music), Joel Phillips (Author, Westminster Choir College of Rider University)


A focused, musical approach to fundamentals, online or in-person

Reorganized and streamlined, the third edition of The Musician’s Guide to Fundamentals features a new, laser focus on the core concepts of music fundamentals. The text features NEW online resources—including formative quizzes and a self-grading workbook—while retaining the Musician’s Guide’s emphasis on real music from Bach to Broadway, Mozart to Katy Perry.


The best online resources for mastering music fundamentals

Experience a complete online system for teaching and learning fundamentals. Every new copy of the text includes access to the interactive ebook. The ebook links seamlessly to Know It? Show It! pedagogy, helping students to master skills. End-of-chapter workbook exercises can be completed on paper or online, with the all NEW self-grading online workbook. Best of all, these resources and more are included free with every new copy of the text.

Focused introduction to music fundamentals

The Third Edition has been revised and streamlined to highlight what’s important and focus on core concepts. Additional information appears in NEW In Depth boxes and in capstone Make Music projects.

Unique listen-write-perform framework

Every chapter begins with music; students listen first and concepts follow. Three or four workbook assignments in each chapter include a range of creative activities that students can complete online or on tear-out-and-turn-in pages. The Musician’s Guide features more practical musicianship exercises than any other text, giving students the opportunity to use what they’ve learned to perform.

Music students love

The Musician’s Guide encompasses the wide range of music available to students in the twenty-first century. Mozart piano sonatas appear next to Broadway show tunes and recent Top 40 hits. The text includes music that is relevant to every student. NEW Make Music projects give students the opportunity to compose in a popular or folk style.

    Chapter 1. Pitch Notation and the Grand Staff
    Chapter 2. Accidentals and Half and Whole Steps
    Chapter 3. Simple Meters
    Chapter 4. Beat Subdivisions and Syncopation
    Chapter 5. Major Scales and Keys
    Chapter 6. Compound Meters
    Chapter 7. Minor Scales and Keys
    Chapter 8. Intervals
    Chapter 9. Triads and Seventh Chords
    Chapter 10. Melody Harmonization and Cadences

    Make Music 1. Write a Folk Song
    Make Music 2. Write a Blues Song
    Make Music 3. Write a Popular Song