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  • February 2018
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Music for Elementary Classroom Teachers

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Patricia Shehan Campbell (Author, University of Washington), Kirk Kassner (Author), Carol Scott-Kassner (Author)


Every elementary teacher can create a musically vibrant classroom.

Learn how to use the power of music to enhance other subjects. Written for both elementary education majors and K-6 classroom teachers, the text is rooted in cognitive research on children’s development. The book offers myriad instructional plans that weave songs, dances, and carefully constructed listening experiences into subjects ranging from language arts and social studies to mathematics, science, and the arts. It also provides opportunities for engaging children in expressive-creative practices.


Practical approaches to incorporating music throughout the day.

The book focuses on real-world applications of music in classroom settings. These applications are highlighted in the chapter opening vignettes and give specific directions for integrating music activities into subject-matter lessons. There are even lesson plans and discipline-specific chapters included for ease of use. 

Accessible to teachers with any musical background.

Prospective teachers of any musical background can succeed with this book. For those with little or no training in music, there is coverage on fundamental concepts like rhythm and the basics of standard classroom instruments. Songs are carefully chosen to be age appropriate for students and accessible to teachers of any ability level. And even students with more musical experience will appreciate the online song bank that includes notation and a recording of every song covered in the book. 

Use music to foster community in a diverse, multicultural classroom.

The book recognizes the diverse classrooms that are led by teachers of today and tomorrow. The musical materials reflect a range of cultures and backgrounds. From adapting lessons for students of different abilities to discovering ways to reflect the broader arts community and culture of the area, the book fits into any teaching situation. 

Combines research and pedagogy with decades of practical application.

Build a strong foundation for understanding the value of music in instruction by absorbing research drawn from child development and music cognition studies. Learn from authors with extensive classroom experience—over 110 years combined—to put that understanding into practice in everyday teaching.

Student website makes using the book easy.

The book is supported by an extensive online song bank that draws from a wide variety of sources. It provides recordings, lyrics, and notation—all the materials needed to support your instructional goals. 

    About the Authors

    Chapter 1 Music and Children: Then, Now, and Evermore
    Chapter 2 Teachers as Facilitators of Music and the Arts
    Chapter 3 The Musical Growth of Children

    Chapter 4 Their Singing Voices
    Chapter 5 Their Ears: Listening to Music
    Chapter 6 Their Moving Bodies
    Chapter 7 The Instruments They Play
    Chapter 8 Their Creative Imaginations

    Chapter 9 Music for the Joy of It
    Chapter 10 Music and Language Arts
    Chapter 11 Music and Social Studies
    Chapter 12 Music and Math
    Chapter 13 Music and Science
    Chapter 14 All of the Arts

    Appendix 1 Music Fundamentals
    Appendix 2 Three Common Methods of Teaching Music to Children
    Appendix 3 Resources for Listening
    Appendix 4 National Standards for Music Education

    Classroom Resources for Children
    End Notes