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    An Introduction to Moral Philosophy

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    Jonathan Wolff (Author, Oxford University)


    Stimulate independent thought with this brief introduction to ethics.

    Rather than telling students what to think about moral issues, this NEW text teaches students how to think for themselves. Using real-world examples and vivid illustrations drawn from other disciplines, it challenges preconceived notions about morality and demonstrates why ethics matters. A companion volume, Readings in Moral Philosophy, provides primary selections that amplify issues discussed in the text and extends them to problems in applied ethics.


    An engaging introduction rooted in students’ own thoughts and experiences.

    This text shows students that they are already moral philosophers by tapping into thoughts that probably occurred to most of them before they even enrolled in this course. It demonstrates the relevance of ethics by illustrating concepts with examples drawn from other disciplines. And unlike some texts, it encourages students to develop their own moral outlook instead of telling them what to think.

    A contemporary and well-integrated treatment of gender and race.

    The text includes an expansive, contemporary discussion of gender and race throughout. From male privilege to an ethics of race, students will encounter the pressing issues of diversity in moral philosophy.

    An effective pedagogical framework and media support package.

    Along with clear and concise explanations of essential concepts and arguments, in-text and online study aids provide the tools students need to learn and practice moral philosophy, as well as the tools you need to deliver meaningful and diagnostic student assessments.

    An incredible value.

    An Introduction to Moral Philosophy and Readings in Moral Philosophy are both exceptional values on their own. Additionally, the two books can be packaged together at a significant discount.

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