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  • 1216 pages
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      This Norton Critical Edition presents Chaucer’s four dream visions and selected shorter poems and is suitable for both beginning and advanced students.

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      This Norton Critical Edition of Chaucer’s masterpiece is based on Stephen Barney’s acclaimed text and is accompanied by a translation of its major source, Boccaccio’s Filostrato.

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    The Norton Chaucer

    First Edition

    Hardcover + Digital Product License Key Folder

    with Ebook and Interactive Tutorial on Reading Chaucer

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    David Lawton (Editor, Washington University in St. Louis)


    A vibrant edition brings Chaucer's complete works to life

    Both an enhanced digital edition and a handsome print volume, The Norton Chaucer provides the complete poetry and prose, meticulously glossed and annotated specifically for undergraduate readers, with apparatus reflecting current scholarship—all at an unmatched value.


    An innovative print-digital bundle—at a great value

    The Norton Chaucer gives students a great reading experience in two ways: a traditional hardcover volume and a portable digital edition. The enhanced ebook includes pop-up annotations that highlight the Middle English word or phrase being glossed and over two hours of audio readings in Middle English. In addition to the ebook, students have access to the Reading Chaucer pronunciation tutorial with embedded audio samples. Watch as your students gain facility and confidence in speaking Middle English aloud and listening to and discussing Chaucer’s works.

    Accessible texts

    A new generation of students can now be introduced to Chaucer’s verse in Middle English through a comprehensive revision, update, and expansion of E. T. Donaldson’s edition, using his admired spelling system throughout. Also included are Kathryn Lynch’s texts of the Dream Poems and NEWly edited texts of Chaucer’s prose. All texts have been meticulously vetted for consistency of spelling and punctuation.

    Trusted editorial apparatus

    David Lawton’s lively introductions—a general introduction to Chaucer’s life, language, and influence and headnotes for each work—bring fresh scholarship to life for undergraduate readers. Extensive marginal glosses and explanatory footnotes help with understanding. In addition, E. T. Donaldson’s insightful commentaries are available in the Digital Edition.

    The Norton Anthology format

    The Norton Chaucer features an inviting single-column page with marginal glosses, which is both easy to read and attractive.

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