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  • Paperback
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  • June 2018
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-62414-4
  • 640 pages
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      What's That Sound?

      An Introduction to Rock and Its History

      Fifth Edition


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      John Covach (Author, University of Rochester), Andrew Flory (Author, Carleton College)


      The perfect mix of music and history

      The #1 text and digital media package, What’s That Sound? helps students understand rock first and foremost as music, emphasizing concepts and listening skills. In addition, rich analysis of the forces that shaped this vibrant style help readers connect the music with its cultural and historical context. With the fifth edition, the media package for the most authoritative, comprehensive survey of rock is augmented by a NEW Spotify-integrated ebook.


      Develops listening skills

      When discussing particular artists or hits, Covach and Flory examine the influences, elements, instrumentation, and technology that shaped the sound. Better than any survey of its kind, What’s That Sound, Fifth Edition, presents essential musical concepts and teaches students how to understand what they hear.

      Illustrates “You are there” rock history moments

      Students will be riveted by vivid accounts of how and why rock music is made. They will discover songs and artists in their correct cultural and historical context. Building on a compelling narrative crafted by two master teachers, the new edition magnifies “you are there” rock history moments to strengthen the story. And now, with a NEW Spotify-integrated ebook, students can instantly listen to the songs that are the heart of the course.

      Explores recent industry and technology trends

      Chapter 15 covers new artists like Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, and the Arctic Monkeys as well as artists with deepening and lasting influence, such as Taylor Swift’s transition from country to rock and pop stardom. As streaming audio has eclipsed video, album, and downloads, attention to Spotify, iTunes Music, and YouTube provides a context for students to better understand where rock is today and how new sounds emerge.

      Enhances your class time and assessment

      In addition to providing assessment and course management solutions, What’s That Sound helps you enhance your course with audio and video resources.

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