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  • June 2018
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-62442-7
  • 1312 pages
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  1. Philosophy

The Norton Introduction to Philosophy

Second Edition


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Gideon Rosen (Author, Princeton University), Alex Byrne (Author, Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Joshua Cohen (Author, Apple University), Elizabeth Harman (Author, Princeton University), Seana Valentine Shiffrin (Author, University of California - Los Angeles)


Philosophy made accessible for introductory students.

The Second Edition of this path-breaking collection gives students all the tools they need to understand and engage with major philosophical issues. Students are presented with clear yet thorough topic introductions, historical context, reading guides for challenging selections, and exclusive commissioned essays written by leading contemporary philosophers specifically for undergraduates. The Second Edition features a NEW co-author, a NEW focus on diversity within the field, and NEW readings and topics relevant to students’ lives.


NEW Smart pedagogy to help students navigate challenging readings

Reading philosophy isn’t always easy. We offer an unmatched suite of learning tools to help students approach the discipline’s sometimes intimidating texts.

NEW emphasis on gender and racial diversity

The field of Philosophy has often been criticized for neglecting the voices of women and people of color. This collection showcases diversity in both its author team and in its reading selections, highlighting the contributions philosophers have made to issues surrounding gender and race.

NEW readings on topics students care about

Philosophy is sometimes criticized for being abstract and disconnected from everyday concerns. The Second Edition places greater emphasis on topics that speak to undergraduates, such as the meaning of life, whether the existence of evil should discourage belief in god, and why studying philosophy matters.

Thirty-four commissioned essays (9 NEW) by prominent philosophers written just for undergraduate students

Unique to this collection are 34 commissioned pieces from leading philosophers. Each was written for readers who have had no prior training in philosophy. The philosophers who wrote these essays are among the most prominent thinkers in contemporary philosophy.

The best value.

A wealth of diverse readings; student-centered apparatus; exclusive essays by prominent contemporary philosophers; an inviting, readable design; and a comprehensive instructor support package. This collection offers all of this at a price lower—in some cases dramatically lower—than that of competing texts.

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