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The Family

Diversity, Inequality, and Social Change

Second Edition

Paperback + Digital Product License Key Folder

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Philip N. Cohen (Author, University of Maryland)


Learn the story behind the data about today’s families

Assigned at over 300 schools, The Family was an instant success due to Philip Cohen’s conversational style and robust scholarship. By encouraging sociological thinking about contemporary families, The Family helps students become savvy consumers of media-reported research. In the Second Edition, Cohen examines trends in family life such as gender fluidity, sexuality in later life, and technology’s transformation of romantic relationships. The book is further strengthened by expanded media resources including award-winning InQuizitive activities.


NEW Family trends to watch

In the Second Edition each chapter concludes with a new “Trend to Watch” section. These end-of-chapter discussions synthesize the major themes of each chapter, present recent research on a provocative topic, and highlight opportunities for further exploration by researchers (or even students).

NEW InQuizitive activities

This award-winning adaptive learning tool personalizes quiz questions for each student in a game-like environment. Questions in each chapter help students master core concepts. Assigning InQuizitive has proven benefits. In a recent efficacy study, when students completed an InQuizitive activity prior to taking a summative quiz, grades increased by an average of 18 points. The quiz scores of weaker students increased the most, meaning that students who might otherwise struggle saw the most benefit from using InQuizitive.

What does “the family” mean in the 21st century?

Demographic trends in areas such as childbirth timing, cohabitation and marriage, divorce, remarriage, and new family forms mean we face more family choices than ever. In each chapter Cohen examines these changing patterns as well as the social forces that constrain the options available to many individuals. In particular, he examines how growing inequality challenges families in areas such as health, wealth, and well-being.

    Chapter 1: A Sociology of the Family
    Chapter 2: The Family in History
    Chapter 3: Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration
    Chapter 4: Families and Social Class
    Chapter 5: Gender
    Chapter 6: Sexuality
    Chapter 7: Love and Romantic Relationships
    Chapter 8: Marriage and Cohabitation
    Chapter 9: Families and Children
    Chapter 10: Divorce, Remarriage, and Blended Families
    Chapter 11: Work and Families
    Chapter 12: Family Violence and Abuse
    Chapter 13: The Future of the Family