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  • Paperback
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  • November 2017
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-62459-5
  • 880 pages
  • Territory Rights: Worldwide

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    Cases in Comparative Politics

    Sixth Edition


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    Patrick H. O'Neil (Author, University of Puget Sound), Karl Fields (Author, University of Puget Sound), Don Share (Author, University of Puget Sound)


    The most comprehensive, consistent casebook

    This is the best-selling casebook for comparative politics because it provides up-to-date coverage of the 13 most-taught countries—those that best illustrate key concepts. And because of its unique structure—consistently applied in each case—it fosters easier comparison across countries.


    Consistent framework encourages comparison.

    Each of the 13 country studies follows the same framework, focusing on geography and demographics, history, regimes, conflicts, society, political economy, and foreign relations. This consistency makes it easy for students to use the cases to make their own comparisons.

    Up-to-date coverage keeps students in the know.

    For the Sixth Edition, every case has been revised with input from regional experts. This feedback informed coverage of current social and political movements, economic issues, and the rise and fall of parties and political leaders.

    Flexibility to teach your course.

    The O’Neil comparative politics texts are market leaders because they provide all the tools you need to teach the course you want. All at a fantastic price. O’Neil offers a brief conceptual text that lays out the core ideas in comparative politics, a complete casebook (13 country studies—U.K, India, Brazil, etc.), and a comprehensive reader of secondary and primary sources. This package provides utmost flexibility in structuring your courses without asking students to pay too much.

    Free media resources support instructors and help students master key concepts.

    Cases in Comparative Politics provides the tools you need for preparation, lecture, and assessment. Plus, there is an easy-to-access suite of resources free for students.

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      Chapter 1: Introduction
      Chapter 2: United Kingdom
      Chapter 3: United States
      Chapter 4: France
      Chapter 5: Germany
      Chapter 6: Japan
      Chapter 7: Russia
      Chapter 8: China
      Chapter 9: India
      Chapter 10: Iran
      Chapter 11: Mexico
      Chapter 12: Brazil
      Chapter 13: South Africa
      Chapter 14: Nigeria

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