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  • June 2017
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Mix It Up

Popular Culture, Mass Media, and Society

Second Edition

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David Grazian (Author, University of Pennsylvania)


A twenty-first century introduction to sociological thinking on pop culture, the media, and society.


A pop culture text that emphasizes sociological thinking

Mix It Up covers a wide range of sociological research, terms, concepts, and theories in an accessible and engrossing way. Grazian first introduces readers to three theoretical approaches to the sociology of media and pop culture. These approaches help explain how pop culture fads, fashions, and phenomena succeed and decline over time and what the sociological consequences of their popularity may be. Grazian then turns to the creation and consumption of pop culture—and the increasingly blurred boundary between the two.

A brand new chapter that provides a global look at pop culture

 A new chapter explores the reception of pop culture across borders, including the response to U.S. movies abroad and the popularity of Bollywood in Latin America and Russia. Grazian examines what happens when pop culture is exported, the difficulty of assimilating some global pop culture, global social activism against brands, and the anti-corporate movement.

The best coverage of contemporary pop culture

With an impressive command of the vast pop culture universe, Grazian touches on a wide array of cultural phenomena. A completely overhauled final chapter, "The Future: Popular Culture and Mass Media in the Digital Age," considers current trends such as the Internet of Things, gamification, gratification, hookup sites, and activity trackers.  

    Chapter 1: Everything Counts: The Social Organization of Popular Culture
    Chapter 2: We Are the Champions: A Functionalist Approach to Popular Culture
    Chapter 3: Welcome to the Machine: A Critical Approach to Popular Culture
    Chapter 4: Come Together: An Interaction Approach to Popular Culture
    Chapter 6: Nobody Knows: How the Media and Culture Industries Work
    Chapter 7: Living in the Material World: Cultural Consumption and Social Class in America
    Chapter 8: Don’t Stop Believing: Audiences and the Quest for Meaning in Popular Culture
    Chapter 9: Uptown Funk: Popular Culture and Urban Life in the City
    Chapter 10: Pop Goes the World: The Globalization of Media and Popular Culture