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  • Paperback
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  • October 2017
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-28350-1
  • 1856 pages
  • Territory Rights: USA and Dependencies, Philippines and Canada.

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    The Norton Anthology of Drama

    Shorter Third Edition


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    J. Ellen Gainor (Editor, Cornell University), Stanton B. Garner, Jr. (Editor, University of Tennessee), Martin Puchner (Editor, Harvard University)


    Comprehensive and up-to-date, now with more instructor resources.

    Choose from the most comprehensive collection of plays. Enjoy accessible apparatus that helps students better analyze the works. Savor an eye-catching and informative illustration program focusing on performance. All for an unbeatable price.

    Revised in response to suggestions from hundreds of instructors and students, the Third Edition features five NEW plays (four in the Shorter Edition), NEW critical “Perspectives” sections, and an expanded suite of free digital resources.


    The best selection of plays, available in a flexible and convenient format

    The text offers a rich collection of 64 plays in a compact, portable 2-volume package (33 plays in one volume for the Shorter Edition). The flexibility that the Norton Anthology provides makes it possible for instructors to use the book for a variety of courses. Whether the course is an in-depth, two-semester drama literature survey, a modern- and contemporary-drama seminar, or a large introduction-to-drama course, The Norton Anthology of Drama fits the bill. 

    Expanded coverage of theory and criticism

    The Third Edition offers significantly more coverage of theory and criticism through NEW textual and digital features. In the text, NEW “Perspectives” features present excerpts from key texts in theory and criticism. The online Theory and Criticism of Drama Reader gives students free access to 35 additional essays. As in previous editions, Norton’s highly praised introductory headnotes provide an overview of theoretical issues and critical responses to the plays. 

    A hallmark Norton strength: trusted editorial apparatus

    For more than 50 years, the Norton Anthologies have set the standard for editorial help that is right for undergraduates. The editors craft introductory matter that is substantial and interesting, and that propels students into the plays with enthusiasm and the right amount of background knowledge. Annotations help students with unfamiliar references wherever they occur, but without interpreting the work for them or offering more information than an undergraduate reader needs. NEW to the Third Edition is a “Glossary of Dramatic Terms” at the end of each volume. 

    Helpful resources for instructors and students

    Norton offers a comprehensive collection of high-quality instructor resources that are easy to incorporate in the classroom. You will find images, videos, teaching tips, and more—along with additional materials and self-study aides for students, all for no additional cost. No other anthology of drama offers as much student and instructor support. 

    An unbeatable value

    The Norton Anthology isn’t just an anthology. Students who purchase the Norton receive:
         • a library of 64 (33 in Shorter) complete plays,
         • a brief but comprehensive introduction to theatre and drama,
         • important contextual material,
         • access to a database of essays of drama theory and criticism,
         • a clear and concrete guide to writing about drama and theatre, and
         • helpful self-study aides.
    All in all, a truly unbeatable value. 

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