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  • November 2017
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  • Volume(s): 1 and 2
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  • Italian Renaissance Art

    Stephen Campbell & Michael Cole offer a new and invigorating approach to Italian Renaissance art that combines a straightforward chronological structure with new insights and approaches from contemporary scholarship.

Italian Renaissance Art

Volumes One and Two

Second Edition


Volume(s): 1 and 2

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Stephen J. Campbell (Author, Johns Hopkins University), Michael W. Cole (Author, Columbia University)


A new edition—now in two volumes—of the largest and most comprehensive textbook about Italian Renaissance art

Now in its second edition, Italian Renaissance Art presents an updated and even more accessible history. The book has been split into two volumes: the first, covering the period 1300 to 1510; the second, 1490 to 1600. The volumes retain the same innovative decade-by-decade structure as the first edition, and a number of chapters have been revised by the authors to reflect the latest scholarship. The coverage of the Trecento has been expanded, and a new appendix section explains all the key Renaissance art-making techniques, with illustrations and step-by-steps for such processes as lost-wax casting. This book tells the story of art in the great cities of Rome, Florence, and Venice while profiling a range of other centers throughout Italy—including in this edition art from Naples, Padua, and Palermo. 


Innovative chronological, decade-by-decade structure

According to adopters of the book, Campbell and Cole’s innovative decade-by-decade structure has been a proven success in the classroom. Each chapter of the book covers a single decade of the Renaissance (the only exception is Ch.1, which now includes greater coverage of the Trecento). This organization makes chronology easy to follow and allows comparison of art from more Italian regions than a city-by-city approach. Important historical events and their impact are presented in greater depth than in an artist-by-artist structure. 

More art than any competing book

With 836 total images, this text includes an average of 25% more art than competing texts. High quality reproductions of the artworks help students better identify small but important details they read about in the accompanying analysis of each work. 

NEW illustrated appendix

In response to reviewers’ suggestions, a NEW visual appendix brings together and explains the major art-making materials and techniques used during the Renaissance. Drawing, fresco and panel painting; carving and casting sculpture; and printmaking are all explained in step-by-step drawings and close-ups of Renaissance artworks. Learning about the innovations, challenges, and limitations of these methods deepens students’ understanding of the outstanding talent of artists working more than 500 years ago. 

Not just Rome, Florence, and Venice

The Second Edition adds even more art from minor cities and art production centers, giving a thorough account of art throughout Renaissance Italy, not just in Tuscany. 

Not just architecture, sculpture, and paintings

Campbell and Cole extend their reach beyond the canonical (“fine art”). The text explores decorative art and material culture: the art of everyday life. Students study those items or objects people might have worn, decorated their houses with, or observed en route to the market or Church. 

NEW two-volume format offers superior value.

This edition is only available in two split volumes—Volume One (1300–1510) and Volume Two (1490—1600). Each is affordably priced, making it the ideal option for instructors who teach only one half of a two-semester course. For those who teach a one-semester course, we offer a package of the two volumes for a generous discount. 

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