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  • February 2017
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-64052-6
  • 304 pages
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    Governing California in the Twenty-First Century

    Sixth Edition

    Ebook, EPUB

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    J. Theodore Anagnoson (Author, California State University, Los Angeles), Gerald Bonetto (Author, California State University, Los Angeles), J. Vincent Buck (Author, California State University, Fullerton), Richard E. DeLeon (Author, San Francisco State University), Jolly Emrey (Author, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater), James J. Kelleher (Author, College of the Canyons), Nadine Koch (Author, California State University, Los Angeles)


    Get students thinking critically about California politics.

    Governing California in the Twenty-First Century, Sixth Edition, introduces students to the major institutions and processes of California state politics. Incorporating several of the successful features of We the People, the text emphasizes critical thinking and the relevance of state government to students' everyday lives. Governing California can be used with any Norton American government textbook or on its own.


    Stresses student relevance and critical thinking

    Governing California emphasizes the complexity of state politics and provides students with the tools they need to form educated opinions about the state's most pressing issues. "What California Government Does and Why It Matters" chapter introductions show how California's politics affect students' everyday lives. "Who Are Californians?" infographics—including several new to the Sixth Edition—present students with a statistical overview of the state while introducing them to the visual representation of data.  

    Up-to-date through the 2016 elections

    The authors of Governing California update the examples with each new edition to keep the book relevant. In the weeks following the November elections, the authors incorporate information on and analysis of the results. The book's figures and tables have been updated with the most recently available data.  

    Helpful resources for students and instructors

    The end of each chapter features a study outline, a practice quiz, key terms, and further readings on the web and in print. Instructors have access to a test bank, answers to the chapter quizzes, brief Lesson Plans for every chapter, and PowerPoint slides of all figures and tables from the text.  

    Free when packaged with any Norton textbook

    Norton's American government textbooks are available at an unparalleled value and students save even more when their professor orders Governing California packaged with any version of We the People, American Politics Today, American Government, The American Political System, or Politics of Power.  

      1. California Government in Crisis (Anagnoson)
      2. The Constitution and Progressive Legacy (Anagnoson)
      3. Interest Groups and the Media (Bonetto)
      4. Parties and Elections in California (Koch)
      5. The California Legislature (Buck)
      6. The Governor and the Executive Branch (Buck)
      7. The California Judiciary (Emrey)
      8. The State Budget and Budgetary Limitations (Anagnoson)
      9. Local Government (DeLeon)
      10. Public Policy in California (Anagnoson)