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  • June 2017
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Our Origins

Discovering Physical Anthropology

Fourth Edition

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Clark Spencer Larsen (Author, The Ohio State University)


Create the best physical anthropology experience for your students!

Our Origins, Fourth Edition, helps students engage with the "big picture" of human evolution. Innovative media, photorealistic art, rigorously current content, new animations, new custom-produced Anthropology Matters videos, and InQuizitive adaptive learning deliver everything needed to teach a state-of-the-art class.


Dynamic suite of visual and interactive resources

 New videos on topics like the concept of race and the spread of Ebola enliven lectures and engage students. These videos are direct expansions on select corresponding "Anthropology Matters" features in the text—linking directly out from those features in the ebook—giving students a consistent, reinforcing learning experience between text and media. New animations help students visualize and understand challenging concepts such as genetics, mitosis, and hominid evolution. And the InQuizitive adaptive learning system uses game-like elements and answer-specific feedback to help students master the course material outside of class.

Coverage of cutting-edge research and discoveries

 New and expanded coverage of important research and developments in the discipline includes epigenetics, fossil discoveries (including Homo naledi), the Kenyanthropus tools, the reconsideration of human origins in Africa, and updates on Neanderthal and Denisovan genome research.

New and easy-to-use resources

 The Fourth Edition features a companion lab manual and workbook that can be packaged with the text for a discount of 50% (as low as an additional $19.25 net for the manual). The manual is customizable, flexible, balanced, highly visual, and provides hands-on and critical thinking experiences for class. A new Interactive Instructor's Guide (IIG) provides a wealth of easy-to-implement resources in a single location. Instructor materials also include the new playing-card group game Origins.

     Chapter 1 – What Is Physical Anthropology?

    PART 1 – The Present: Foundation for the Past
    Chapter 2 – Evolution: Constructing a Fundamental Scientific Theory
    Chapter 3 – Genetics: Reproducing Life and Producing Variation
    Chapter 4 – Genes and Their Evolution: Population Genetics
    Chapter 5 – Biology in the Present: Living People
    Chapter 6 – Biology in the Present: The Other Living Primates
    Chapter 7 – Primate Sociality, Social Behavior, and Culture

    PART 2 – The Past: Evidence for the Present
    Chapter 8 – Fossils and Their Place and Time and Nature
    Chapter 9 – Primate Origins and Evolution: The First 50 Million Years
    Chapter 10 – Early Hominin Origins and Evolution: The Roots of Humanity
    Chapter 11 – The Origins and Evolution of Early Homo
    Chapter 12 – The Origins, Evolution, and Dispersal of Modern People
    Chapter 13 – Our Last 10,000 Years: Agriculture, Population, and the Bioarchaeology of a Fundamental Transition

    PART III – The Future: The Shape of Things to Come
    Chapter 14 – Evolution: Today and Tomorrow