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  • May 2017
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-63062-6
  • 650 pages
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    American Politics Today

    Fifth Edition

    Ebook, EPUB

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    William T. Bianco (Author, Indiana University, Bloomington), David T. Canon (Author, University of Wisconsin, Madison)


    How politics really works and why it matters.

    The Fifth Edition of American Politics Today is designed to show students the reality of politics today and how it connects to their own lives. New features—from chapter opening cases that address the kinds of questions students ask, to full-page graphics that illustrate key political processes—show students how politics works and why it matters. All components of the learning package—textbook, InQuizitive adaptive learning tool, and coursepack—are organized around specific chapter learning goals to ensure that students learn the nuts and bolts of American government.


    Shows students how politics really works and why it matters

    New "How It Works" chapter openers feature hot-button political issues and pose the kinds of questions students might ask. New "Why Should I Care?" sections help students recognize the impact of politics on their own lives. "How It Works/How It Works in Practice" graphics, redesigned for greater clarity, highlight key political processes and structures and build graphical literacy. 

    Motivates reading and student success with compelling features

    American Politics Today is engaging, lively, and inspiring. New "Take a Stand" features draw on politicians' statements to present contemporary issues in a pro/con debate. New "What Do the Numbers Say?" features develop quantitative reasoning skills by engaging students in data analysis. New "Did You Know?" features give students tidbits of information that may induce questions, anger, and may even cause students to get involved. New quotations from political figures show students that politics can be funny and poignant. 

    Enhanced student and instructor resources

    The Fifth Edition chapter goals are tied even more closely to the learning objectives. This thoughtful integration is reflected in the book's accompanying media package: New InQuizitive course organized around chapter goals, updated InQuizitive skill-building module, free coursepack, end-of-chapter review questions, and an enhanced Norton Ebook.

      Chapter 1: Understanding American Politics
      Chapter 2: The Constitution and the Founding
      Chapter 3: Federalism
      Chapter 4: Civil Liberties
      Chapter 5: Civil Rights

      Chapter 6: Public Opinion
      Chapter 7: The Media
      Chapter 8: Political Parties
      Chapter 9: Elections
      Chapter 10: Interest Groups

      Chapter 11: Congress
      Chapter 12: The Presidency
      Chapter 13: The Bureaucracy
      Chapter 14: The Courts

      Chapter 15: Economic Policy
      Chapter 16: Social Policy
      Chapter 17: Foreign Policy

      The Declaration of Independence
      The Articles of Confederation
      The Constitution of the United States of America
      Amendments to the Constitution
      The Federalist Papers, Nos. 10 and 51
      Presidents and Vice Presidents