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  • September 2016
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  • American Art Since 1945

    No other introductory book presents the diversity and complexity of postwar American art from Abstract Expressionism to the present as clearly and succinctly as this groundbreaking survey.

Art Since 1900

Volume 1: 1900 to 1944; Volume 2: 1945 to the Present

Third Edition


Volume(s): Two-Volume Set

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Hal Foster (Author, Princeton University), Rosalind Krauss (Author, Columbia University), Yve-Alain Bois (Author, Harvard University), Benjamin H. D. Buchloh (Author, Barnard College), David Joselit (Author, Yale University)


Five of the most influential and provocative art historians of our time have come together to provide a comprehensive history of art in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries

Art Since 1900 introduces students to the key theoretical approaches to modern and contemporary art. A flexible year-by-year structure and extensive cross-referencing allow teachers and students to pursue a chronological approach and/or to study the currents of art since 1900 by medium, theme, country, or region. This completely updated and expanded third edition contains over 125 essays, each focusing on a crucial event in the history of art from 1900 to the present. Ten new essays cover subjects such as Moscow conceptualism, abstract film, postmodern architecture, and queer art, as well as artists from emerging economies and the impact of the market on current art practice.

Text boxes provide further information on key figures and issues. Five introductions explain the different methods of art history at work in the book. There are two roundtable discussions between the authors, and all reference material has been updated.