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  • Paperback
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  • January 2017
  • ISBN: 978-1-324-00096-9
  • 192 pages
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    Geotours Workbook

    A Guide for Exploring Geology using Google Earth

    Second Edition


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    M. Scott Wilkerson (Author), M. Beth Wilkerson (Author), Stephen Marshak (Author, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)


    The Geotours Workbook is the go-to resource for using Google Earth to explore the fascinating geology of our planet:

    Learn to Quickly and Easily Navigate the Google Earth Interface
    Students can transform their view of the Earth using the 3-D Google Earth interface to view features on the Earth's surface from any height or perspective.

    Explore Stunning Geologic Sites

    Instructors and students can visit Geotour locations all over the globe to study plate tectonics, volcanoes, earthquakes, faults, folds, environmental issues, and more. Students learn to see, interpret, and analyze these sites as a geologist would by answering worksheet questions arranged by topic. Users can also browse the library of over 450 Geotour virtual field trips for a self-guided exploration of outstanding examples of geology around the world.

    Create Your Own Media-Rich Content for Google Earth
    The Geotours Workbook shows instructors and students how to easily create their own Google Earth placemarks (with formatted text, images or animated gifs, movies, and hyperlinks), interactive flyover tours over the landscape, draped geo-referenced maps and diagrams over the terrain, zoomable photos, and more.

    This easy-to-use workbook is a great value. Geotours Workbook can be packaged for free with Stephen Marshak's Earth: A Portrait of a Planet and Essentials of Geology textbooks. It can serve as a supplement in any course where students need hands-on experience with Google Earth, or it can be used standalone.


    The Second Edition of the Geotours Workbook has been revised from cover to cover. New features include:

    Updated Materials for Google Earth Pro

    Google Earth Pro is now free, and the Geotours Workbook incorporates many of its powerful features.  

    Streamlined, Easier-to-Use Interface

    The accompanying digital Google Earth file has been redesigned and reorganized to be much more intuitive. And because this preloaded file is arranged by topic, it is easy for you to align Geotours assignments with a wide range of course curriculums. Or you can use the file to feature spectacular geological examples and to stimulate discussion during lecture. 

    Expanded Geotours Library Includes More Geographically Diverse Locations

    The Geotours library has been greatly expanded to include over 450 Geotour preloaded sites for the entire workbook, including many international examples. 

    New and Revised Geotours Worksheets and Questions

    The thoughtful selection of new sites and new applied problems throughout the various worksheet topics engage students in making observations and measurements that deepen their understanding of important concepts from their course and textbook. Selected new problems include questions about:

    • the life of a star (including what will eventually happen to our Sun) and the scale of our solar system (Earth & Sky)
    • where rare earth minerals used in many consumer electronics are found and mined and how such activities cause environmental problems as well as regional conflicts (Minerals)
    • calculating the location and magnitude of an earthquake from seismograms (Earthquakes)
    • why sea level is rising along many coastlines around the world, but not all (Global Change)


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