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  • Paperback
  • Bookstore's Wholesale Price: $54.00
  • July 2017
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-62411-3
  • 912 pages
  • Territory Rights: Worldwide including Canada, but excluding the British Commonwealth.

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    1. Writing

    Back to the Lake

    A Reader and Guide, with 2016 MLA Update

    Third Edition, 2016 MLA Update


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    Thomas Cooley (Editor, Ohio State University)



    A new take on the traditional rhetorical modes, showing how they are used in the kinds of writing college students are most often assigned—arguments, analyses, reports, narratives, and more.

    Back to the Lake 3e includes new chapters on writing paragraphs and using rhetorical modes in academic writing—which shows how the patterns taught in this book are used in the kinds of writing college students are expected to do. New readings are on timely topics that will engage students. Templates and marginal notes that explicitly link the readings and the writing instruction help students apply the lessons in this book to their own writing.


    An engaging collection of 80 readings, almost half of them new to this edition

    From classics that instructors like to teach to contemporary pieces on topics that will appeal to students (zombies, comic-book superheroes, a commencement speech by George Saunders), these readings demonstrate that the patterns taught in this book are ones that all good writers depend on. Each chapter includes an annotated student piece and one literary work.  

    A new chapter on writing paragraphs

    Paragraphs are the building blocks of essays. Back to the Lake provides a whole chapter focusing on how the modes can be used to organize and develop coherent paragraphs.  

    A new chapter showing how the modes are used in the kinds of writing college students are most often assigned—or sometimes just expected to do

    The traditional modes are used in all academic fields—an economics student may use cause and effect to investigate the sources of a recession, a literature student may use description in analyzing a poem, a biology student may use process analysis to explain photosynthesis in a lab report. This chapter and academic examples throughout the book serve as a bridge between the patterns taught in this book and the academic writing students need to do. An index of readings arranged by common academic genres makes examples easy to locate. 

    Designed to support courses that integrate reading and writing

    Notes in the margins explicitly link the readings to the writing instruction, leading students from the text to specific examples in the readings—and the reverse. These notes make Back to the Lake the best modes reader for teachers taking an integrated reading-writing approach. 

    Templates help students get started writing

    Highlighted in a box for quick reference, templates provide language to help students make the fundamental moves to describe, compare, define, and so on. 

    A fresh new color-coded design that makes the book especially easy to use

    New color-coded pages (blue for writing pedagogy; red for online resources; tan for the table of contents, glossary/index, and other reference materials) help students and instructors quickly find what they need. New color-coded documentation templates even make MLA style easy to understand—and more information in checklists and boxes, color images, and author photos will appeal to today’s visual learners. 


    Online quizzes test for common editing errors and reading comprehension. New references in the book direct students and instructors to the online resources, which require no registration codes. 

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