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  • Spiral Bound
  • Bookstore's Wholesale Price: $21.00
  • December 2016
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-60263-0
  • 480 pages
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  1. Writing

The Little Seagull Handbook

Third Edition

Spiral Bound

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Richard Bullock (Author, Wright State University), Michal Brody (Author, Sonoma State University), Francine Weinberg (Author)


The pocket-sized handbook that does the work of a full-sized handbook, now with a new section on editing the errors that matter.

Most handbooks include chapters on various general writing topics (e.g., the writing process or the elements of an argument), but few cover the specific kinds of writing students are assigned to do. The Little Seagull has chapters on reports, analyses, and all the other genres that college students are most often assigned. And because it's so small, so easy to use, and so affordable, it's proven to be a popular alternative to larger (and much more costly) handbooks. The third edition adds a new section on editing the errors that matter—and the option to include free access to InQuizitive for Writers, which provides practice in editing the same errors.


Easy to use

The best handbooks are the ones that are easiest to use. To that end, the Little Seagull includes menus, directories, flaps, a glossary/index, hand-edited examples, and an intuitive organization—all to help students easily find what they're looking for.  

Covers the kinds of writing college students need to do

Most pocket-sized handbooks have little or nothing on the specific genres that college students are expected to do—or even on writing paragraphs; those that do offer only very general information (e.g., on the writing process or the basics of argument) but the Little Seagull offers much more than that. The Third Edition covers nine genres, including two new chapters on proposals and reflections. 

User-friendly documentation guidelines for MLA, APA, Chicago, and CSE styles

Documentation directories lead students to the specific examples they need, so they won't need to page through the book searching—and color-coded templates show what information to include. The MLA chapter reflects the official MLA style introduced in 2016 and includes a full MLA-style paper.  

Uniquely helpful materials for students whose primary language isn't English

The Little Seagull provides guidance on prepositions, phrasal and modal verbs, gerunds and infinitives, articles, and idioms—issues that nonnative speakers find challenging and need to learn.  

A new section on editing the errors that matter

Covering 14 errors teachers have identified as ones that matter, this chapter explains why they matter—and walks students through several ways of editing each one. The chapter goes hand in hand with InQuizitive for Writers, which provides engaging practice in editing these same errors.  

    How to Use This Book

    W-1 Writing contexts
    W-2 Academic contexts
    W-3 Writing processes
    W-4 Developing paragraphs
    W-5 Designing what you write

    Kinds of Writing
    W-6 Arguments
    W-7 Textual analyses
    W-8 Reports
    W-9 Personal narratives
    W-10 Reflections
    W-11 Proposals
    W-12 Literary analyses
    W-13 Annotated bibliographies
    W-14 Abstracts

    W-15 Reading strategies

    R-1 Doing research
    R-2 Evaluating sources
    R-3 Synthesizing ideas
    R-4 Integrating sources, avoiding plagiarism

    MLA style
    APA style
    Chicago style
    CSE style

    Editing the Errors That Matter
    E-1 Editing fragments
    E-2 Editing comma splices
    E-3 Editing fused sentences
    E-4 Editing mixed constructions
    E-5 Editing for pronoun agreement
    E-6 Editing unclear pronoun reference
    E-7 Editing pronoun case
    E-8 Editing for subject-verb agreement
    E-9 Editing shifts in tenses
    E-10 Editing citations
    E-11 Incorporating sources
    E-12 Editing commas with non-essential information
    E-13 Editing commas after introductory words
    E-14 Editing wrong words

    S-1 Complete sentences
    S-2 Sentence fragments
    S-3 Comma splices and fused sentences
    S-4 Verbs
    S-5 Subject-verb agreement
    S-6 Pronouns
    S-7 Parallelism
    S-8 Coordination, subordination
    S-9 Shifts

    L-1 Appropriate words
    L-2 Precise words
    L-3 Word often confused
    L-4 Idioms
    L-5 Unnecessary words
    L-6 Adjectives and adverbs
    L-7 Articles
    L-8 Words that build common ground
    L-9 Englishes

    Punctuation / Mechanics
    P-1 Commas
    P-2 Semicolons
    P-3 End punctuation
    P-4 Quotation marks
    P-5 Apostrophes
    P-6 Other punctuation
    P-7 Hyphens
    P-8 Capitalization
    P-9 Italics
    P-10 Abbreviations
    P-11 Numbers

    Answers to some exercises**

    Documentation Directories

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