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  • August 2016
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  • 448 pages
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Guy de Maupassant's Selected Works

Norton Critical Editions


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Guy de Maupassant (Author), Robert Lethbridge (Editor, Cambridge University), Sandra Smith (Translator)


“Smith successfully captures Maupassant’s depiction of nineteenth-century French culture using terminology that allows these wonderful texts to reach a fresh generation of readers. A solid translation of some wonderful short stories.”
—Library Journal

The Norton Critical Edition includes:
- Thirty of Maupassant’s best short stories centering on war, the supernatural, and French life, translated by Sandra Smith.
- An introduction and explanatory footnotes by Robert Lethbridge.
- Essays, letters, and newspaper articles on the subjects that influenced Maupassant’s writing, including politics, war, love,
despair, and the supernatural.
- Sixteen critical assessments from Maupassant’s time to our own, including those by Joseph Conrad, David Coward, Mary
Donaldson-Evans, Rachel Killick, Roger L. Williams, Ruth A. Hottell, and Katherine C. Kurk.
- A Chronology and a Selected Bibliography.


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