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  • September 2016
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  • 718 pages
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Essential Writings by Our Greatest Thinkers: A Norton Anthology

First Edition


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Elizabeth D. Samet (Author)


A new Norton Anthology illuminates how literature can build character and foster critical-thinking skills for future leaders in business, law, politics, medicine, and beyond.


Organization emphasizes leadership skills

Rather than order selections by chronology, Samet puts great writers and thinkers in conversation. That structure enables students and teachers to focus on skills and characteristics that effective leaders cultivate. 

Apparatus supports critical thinking

 Samet's general introduction, "A Crisis of Leadership," section introductions, and discussion guides encourage critical thinking and classroom discussion. "This thought-provoking anthology, designed by a practitioner of the art of developing young men and women into capable leaders, isn't about how to lead, but how to think."
—Gordon R. Sullivan, General (Ret.), U.S. Army

Flexible, with over 100 selections

Leadership: A Norton Anthology can serve as a core text for courses focused on business, government, science, education, and more. The alternate Table of Contents organized by Field of Interest highlights the anthology's flexibility and amplitude. 

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    Contents Organized by Field of Interest • xv
    Editor’s Note • xxiii
    Introduction: A Crisis of Leadership • xxv
    Bessie Head: The Deep River: A Story of Ancient Tribal Migration • 4
    Claude Lévi-Strauss: Men, Women, and Chiefs • 10
    Thucydides: Pericles Reminds the Athenians Who They Are • 14
    Virgil: Dux Femina Facti: Dido Builds Carthage • 18
    Rosanna Warren: Poetry Reading • 25
    Friedrich Engels: On Authority • 27
    Herman Melville: The Monkey-Rope • 30
    Jane Jacobs: Understanding the City • 32
    George Orwell: Shooting an Elephant • 38
    Martin Luther King Jr.: Remaining Awake Through a Great Revolution 44