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An Evolving Science

Fourth Edition

Hardcover + Digital Product License Key Folder

with Ebook and Smartwork5

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John W. Foster (Author, University of South Alabama), Joan L. Slonczewski (Author, Kenyon College)


The most current and visually engaging introduction to general microbiology.

Microbiology: An Evolving Science provides clear, accessible explanations, smart pedagogy, and stunning art with a contemporary framework that emphasizes the field's cutting-edge research. With the Fourth Edition, the book's value as a superior learning tool is enhanced by two new themes—the gut microbiome and Antarctic microbiology—tightened chapters, and a new online homework course.


The most current introduction to general microbiology

The Fourth Edition has two new themes—the human gut microbiome and Antarctic microbiology—that highlight exciting discoveries in two key areas of the discipline (medical and ecological microbiology). The two themes are called out throughout each chapter with marginal icons so they're easy to find, talk about, and teach. New chapter openers feature brief interviews with mircobiologists about their recently published work that provide up-to-date introductions to the subject of each chapter. Special topic boxes, many updated for the Fourth Edition, focus on the experimental details of a recent discovery to show how science is done in, and sometimes outside of, the lab.  

New assessment resources

A new Smartwork5 course includes content for every chapter, including review, critical thinking, visual, and animation questions. Smartwork questions include live ebook links, hints, and answer-specific feedback that helps guide students' learning. The open access coursepack includes online assessment, study materials, and a suite of process animations, while the easy-to-use ebook allows students to take notes, annotate, view dynamic animations, and read on- or offline.

Streamlined chapters and new pedagogical features

Slonczewski and Foster reduced the number of sections per chapter to a maximum of six, helping students to maintain focus on key course concepts. Thought Questions throughout each chapter invite students to think critically and draw connections between concepts. "To Summarize" bulleted lists at the end of every chapter section distill important concepts into brief, memorable statements.  

Visually stunning and pedagogically superior art

Process diagrams have been rendered more accessible by reducing the length of the supporting captions and expanding the use of in-figure bubble captions and visually engaging process animations, carefully reviewed by the authors, have been built from art in the text.  

    Chapter 1. Microbial Life: Origin and Discovery
    Chapter 2. Observing the Microbial Cell
    Chapter 3. Cell Structure and Function
    Chapter 4. Bacterial Culture, Growth, and Development
    Chapter 5. Environmental Influences and Control of Microbial Growth
    Chapter 6. Viruses

    Chapter 7. Genome and Chromosome
    Chapter 8. Transcription, Translation, and Bioinformatics
    Chapter 9. Gene Transfer, Mutations, and Genome Evolution
    Chapter 10. Molecular Regulation
    Chapter 11. Viral Molecular Biology
    Chapter 12. Biotechniques and Synthetic Biology

    Chapter 13. Energetics and Catabolism
    Chapter 14. Electron Flow on Organotrophy, Lithotriphy, and Phototrophy
    Chapter 15. Biosynthesis
    Chapter 16. Food and Industrial Microbiology

    Chapter 17. Origins and Evolution
    Chapter 18. Bacterial Diversity
    Chapter 19. Archaeal Diversity
    Chapter 20. Eukaryotic Diversity
    Chapter 21. Microbial Ecology
    Chapter 22. Microbes in Global Elemental Cycles

    Chapter 23. Human Microflora and Innate Immunity
    Chapter 24. The Adaptive Immune Response
    Chapter 25. Microbial Pathogenesis
    Chapter 26. Microbial Diseases
    Chapter 27. Antimicrobial Therapy
    Chapter 28. Clinical Microbiology and Epidemiology

    Appendix 1. Biological Molecules
    Appendix 2. Introductory Cell Biology

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