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  • July 2017
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-61410-7
  • 944 pages
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    Earth Science

    The Earth, The Atmosphere, and Space

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    Stephen Marshak (Author, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Robert Rauber (Author, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)


    Experience Earth Science with fresh eyes!

    The leading authors in their respective fields—physical geology and extreme weather—Stephen Marshak and Robert Rauber bring years of classroom and research experience to this remarkable new book and media package. The authors' narrative approach to the content and innovative integration of new visual and interactive resources guides students to a clearer, more applicable understanding of the entire Earth System.


    Engaging, applicable material

    Earth Science opens with the Big Bang and then introduces basic plate tectonics, so students immediately experience the "action" of the Earth as a system. Learning objectives are identified at the beginning of each chapter and assessed at the end through questions that range from simple review to thought-provoking applications. Additionally, every chapter contains "How Can I Explain" features, which provide simple, hands-on projects that illustrate a key concept.

    An emphasis on visuals

    The text's narrative art program explains earth science concepts by breaking down processes into a series of steps. Brief annotations embedded throughout the figures explain each phase. Features such as "What a Scientist Sees" present real-world photos alongside drawings that simplify and amplify visual information, while "See For Yourself" features identify sample sites in Google Earth™

    Unmatched resources

    Marshak and Rauber provide the tools needed for an engaging lecture, including animations, simulations, videos, and PowerPoint slides with art and lecture notes, all available to stream through the Interactive Instructor's Guide or the free coursepack. Smartwork5 integrates the textbook visuals, videos, and animations directly into questions, which are keyed to the learning objectives from the text, and works directly in an instructor's LMS.  

      Prologue—Welcome to Earth Science

      Part I Our Dynamic Planet

      Ch 1 From the Big Bang to the Blue Marble

      Ch 2 The Way the Earth Works: Plate Tectonics

      Ch 3 Introducing Minerals and the Nature of Rock

      Ch 4 Up from the Inferno: Volcanism and Igneous Rock

      Ch 5 A Surface Veneer: Sediments and Sedimentary Rock

      Ch 6 A Process of Change: Metamorphism and the Rock Cycle

      Ch 7 Crags, Cracks, and Crumples—Mountain Building and Geologic Structures

      Ch 8 A Violent Pulse: Earthquakes

      Ch 9 Deep Time: How Old Is Old?

      Ch 10 A Biography of Earth

      Ch 11 Riches in Rock: Energy and Earth's Resources

      Part II Ever-Changing Landscapes

      Ch 12 Agents of Change: The Hydrologic Cycle and Mass Wasting

      Ch 13 Fresh Water: Streams, Lakes, and Groundwater

      Ch 14 Land of Extremes: Deserts and Glaciers

      Part III Restless Seas

      Ch 15 The Waters of the Sea

      Ch 16 Ocean Basins and Coasts

      Part IV A Blanket of Gas: Earth's Atmosphere

      Ch 17 The Air We Breathe: Introducing Earth's Atmosphere

      Ch 18 Winds of the World: Earth's Major Weather Systems

      Ch 19 Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, and Local Weather Systems

      Ch 20 Climate and Climate Change

      Part V Our Solar System, and Beyond

      Ch 21 Introducing Astronomy: Looking Beyond the Earth

      Ch 22 Our Neighborhood in Space: The Solar System

      Ch 23 The Sun, the Stars…and Deep Space

      Earth and Space in the Future

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