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  • January 2017
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  • 272 pages
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Life with Gender

The Society Pages


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Lisa Wade (Editor, Occidental College)

Series edited by Douglas Hartmann, Series edited by Christopher Uggen


Introduce students to the social science of gender.

With contributions from leading scholars and a provocative collection of discussion topics and group activities, this innovative series provides an accessible and affordable entry point for strong sociological perspectives on topics of immediate social import and public relevance.

Assigned: Life with Gender is the sixth volume in The Society Pages series. Selected from around the web by Lisa Wade, winner of the ASA’s Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award, the essays in this book present a revealing picture of gender in the United States today: socially constructed, sometimes fun but almost always problematic, fluid but forced into binaries, deeply ingrained but often misunderstood. Topics range from parenting and sports to inequality and breasts (both men’s and women’s). Together, these diverse and engaging voices capture the depth and complexity of gender from the sociological perspective.



Each of the concise, accessible chapters in this volume reflects TSP’s distinctive layout, tone, and style. Sprinkled throughout are short “TSP Tie-Ins,” highlighting new and emerging work on the website and in the field. The volume concludes with Discussion Guide and Group Activities sections, created by the editors, that challenge readers to draw connections between the chapters, think more deeply and critically about culture and social life, and link to ongoing conversations and interactive posts online. 


Intended to translate the most exciting research for readers not trained as sociologists, The Society Pages website features dynamic articles, podcasts, blogs, and roundtable discussions on the topics students care about most. Prominent sociologists contribute articles and participate in interviews that synthesize their cutting-edge research into brief pieces that anyone can understand. Each volume in the series collects the best of the web content into thematic collections, in an affordable paperback format.  


Changing Lenses is the product of an ongoing conversation between sociologist (and Society Pages co-editor) Doug Hartmann and photographer Wing Young Huie. In each essay, they exchange what's seen behind a camera lens and what's seen through a sociological lens to get at the diversity of perspectives and cultivate a unique look at the human experience.  

    Series Preface (Douglas Hartmann and Christopher Uggen) Introduction (Lisa Wade)

    Part 1: Ideas
    1 On Queer Parenting and Gender-Neutrality (D’Lane Compton and Tristan Bridges)
    2 Tits (The story of my man-boobs) (Matt Cornell)
    3 Why breastfeeding in public is taboo (Nicki Lisa Cole)
    4 Shifting Hegemonic Masculinity? Gay Male Athletes and Discourses of Masculinity 
(Markus Gerke)
    5 Feminizing women’s sports teams (Gwen Sharp)

    Part 2: Performances
    6 Masculinity, Gender (Non)Conformity, and Queer Visibility (Tristan Bridges and CJ 
    7 What Is “Winning Women Talk More Like a Girl (On Jeopardy!)” (Virginia Rutter)
    8 The Balancing Act of Being Female (Lisa Wade)
    9 Doing gender with Wallets and Purses (Tristan Bridges)
    10 Compulsory Monogamy in The Hunger Games (Mimi Schippers)
    11 High heels and Distinction Among Women (Lisa Wade)

    Part 3: Inequalities
    12 Beyond Bossy or Brilliant: Gender Bias in Student Evaluations (Tristan Bridges, Kjerstin 
Gruys, Christin Munsch, and C.J. Pascoe)
    13 Not Seeing is Still Bbelieving (Tara Fannon)
    14 When Your (Brown) Body is a (White) Wonderland (Tressie Millan Cottom)
    15 Violence and Masculinity Threat (Tristan Bridges and CJ Pascoe)
    16 Gender and Biased Perceptions: Scientists Rate Job Applicants (Gwen Sharp)
    17 My Two Cents on Feminism and Miley Cyrus (Lisa Wade)

    Part 4: Institutions
 18. Woman Enough to Win? (Cheryl Cooky and Shari L. Dworkin)

    19. Our Hearts, Our Selves, Our Research Agenda (Tina Wagers)

    20. Is the “Mrs.” Degree dead? (Laura Hamilton)

    21. Gender and the Sinking Floor in the U.S. Labor Market (Erin Hatton)
    22 Putting Hobby Lobby in Context: The Erratic Career of Birth Control in the United States (Carole Joffe)
    23 The uneven presence of women and minorities in America’s state legislatures – and why it matters (Beth Reingold)

    Part 5: The future of gender
    24 Back on Track? Stall and Rebound for Gender Equality 1977-2012 (David Cotter, Joan 
Hermsen, Reeve Vanneman)
    25 Three common complaints about political correctness (that completely miss the point) 
(Jarune Uwujaren)
    26 Family diversity is the new normal for America’s Children (Philip Cohen)
    27 Lean In and 1% feminism (Linda Burnham)
    28 Shattering the glass ceiling for women in politics (Pamela O’Leary and Shauna Shames)
    29 Children’s gender self-determination: a practical guide (Jane Ward)

    Discussion Guide and Group Activities

    About the Contributors