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    L. Poundie Burstein (Author, Hunter College), Joseph N. Straus (Author, The Graduate Center, City University of New York)


    The music theory text that students read and understand.

    Authors Burstein and Straus combine decades of teaching experience with concise prose, carefully curated musical examples, and a robust, skill-sharpening media program to illuminate the essential concepts of music theory. 


    Endorsements & Reviews

    Concise Introduction to Tonal Harmony is the textbook many music theory instructors have been waiting for.” — Donald Traut (University of Arizona)

    “Concise Introduction to Tonal Harmony accelerates the pedagogy of music theory into the twenty-first century by engaging adaptive technology.” — Cynthia Gonzales (Texas State University, San Marcos)

    “It is written by proven master teachers, and it shows.” — Jan Miyake (Oberlin Conservatory)

    Master teachers

    Through decades of teaching experience, Poundie Burstein and Joe Straus have discovered that giving students time to master core concepts is more important than surveying every detail of tonal practice. They've applied that experience in writing Concise Introduction to Tonal Harmony, a text that gives students time to focus on what they need to learn. Joe and Poundie are joined by media authors Anna Gawboy and Inessa Bazayev, who have developed online tools that enhance student preparation and make class time more efficient. 

    Unprecedented concision

    At only 380 pages, Concise Introduction to Tonal Harmony is the first truly concise music theory text. Every chapter consists of just a few pages and isolates a key part-writing issue. Common student errors are anticipated—examples of mistakes, and how to avoid them, are scattered throughout the text—and brief musical examples are carefully curated to illustrate each concept.  

    Groundbreaking pedagogy

    Know It? Show It! online pedagogy helps students work through each chapter. First, video tutorials help students hear the harmonies discussed in the text and demonstrate voice-leading procedures needed to complete assignments. Then, formative assessment activities invite students to quiz to learn. Students answer questions until they've demonstrated mastery of a skill guided by robust feedback that helps them understand mistakes. Finally, the hundreds of workbook exercises can be completed either online or in print. 

    Ultimate flexibility

    Short, modular chapters accommodate a wide variety of teaching and learning approaches. Chapters can be skipped or reordered to reflect different ways of organizing the theory sequence, and for those who want more, additional resources are available online—including Closer Look features exploring selected topics in greater depth, expanded musical examples, and a database of additional teaching examples for every topic discussed in the text.  

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