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  • April 2016
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-60301-9
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Origins: An Evolutionary Journey

An Interactive Card Game for Biological Anthropology


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Mindy C. Pitre (Author, St. Lawrence University), Nicole M. Burt (Author, The Cleveland Museum of Natural History), Holly J. Hunold (Illustrated by)


Origins is an interactive classroom learning tool designed to help students retain and recall core concepts from introductory biological and physical anthropology courses. Through competitive learning students become active learners.

Origins is an active learning tool designed for introductory biological and physical anthropology courses. It has 200 full-color cards, over 10 card types, and more than 5 ways to play, with two or more players. Topics covered include: Fundamentals, Genetics, Evolution and Variations, Primates, Origins and Transition, and Being Human.