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  • July 2016
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  • 480 pages
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Eighth Edition

Paperback + Digital Product License Key Folder + Audio CD

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Vivian Kerman (Author), Joseph Kerman (Author, University of California, Berkeley), Gary Tomlinson (Author, Yale University)


A classic music-appreciation text made fresh for today's students.

Listen makes music accessible to all with its concise historical and cultural context, compelling composer biographies, and clear Listening Charts. The redesigned Eighth Edition incorporates new perspectives on music since 1900, new repertory, and illuminating discussions to help students synthesize the important concepts of classical music and develop the listening skills to explore it further.


Engaging discussions

Since Listen's original publication in 1972, it has received praise for its distinctive lively prose. The authors enliven discussions of individual works with an authority that is full of warmth and occasional flash of humor. Additional features that support this superb narrative include Listening Charts and Listening Exercises, which are available online in interactive form to facilitate student comprehension.

An emphasis on the common-practice repertory—music most likely encountered in concerts

Listen focuses on music from the time of Bach through the twentieth century. After Unit I (Fundamentals), the historical scheme goes from "early music"—everything before Bach and Handel, when the standard repertory begins—to the three great periods of Western classical music: the eighteenth century, the nineteenth century, and the twentieth century to the present. Unit II (Early Music: An Overview) is independent of the rest of the text and can be omitted by instructors wishing to do so.

Strong coverage of history and culture

Listen provides the context needed to get the most out of the material:

  • Four Prelude chapters--one for each of the major stylistic eras--contain accounts of musical styles of the time and highlights the cultural aspects that stood in close relation.
  • Biography boxes on the lives of major composers include portraits, concise lists of their work, and suggestions for further listening.
  • Time lines (Appendix A) locate composers in relation to other important historical figures and events.
  • Seven Global Perspectives explore musical traditions outside the western world to elaborate on the European and American topics discussed and highlight the shared common tendencies of music making worldwide.

Total Access

Each copy of the print text contains access to all the streaming audio, interactive listening guides, video resources—including excerpts from the Metropolitan Opera—the complete ebook, and more. Total Access is also available as a standalone purchase online.


    Preface: To the Instructor
    Introduction: To the Student

    UNIT I Fundamentals
    CHAPTER 1 Rhythm, Meter, and Tempo
    CHAPTER 2 Pitch, Dynamics, and Tone Color
    CHAPTER 3 Scales and Melody
    CHAPTER 4 Harmony, Texture, Tonality, and Mode
    CHAPTER 5 Musical Form and Musical Style

    UNIT II Early Music: An Overview
    CHAPTER 6 The Middle Ages
        Global Perspectives Sacred Chant
    CHAPTER 7 The Renaissance
        Global Perspectives Music and Early European Colonialism
    CHAPTER 8 The Early Baroque Period
        Global Perspectives African Ostinato Forms
    UNIT III The Eighteenth Century
    CHAPTER 9 Prelude: The Late Baroque Period
    CHAPTER 10 Baroque Instrumental Music
    CHAPTER 11 Baroque Vocal Music
    CHAPTER 12 Prelude: Music and the Enlightenment
    CHAPTER 13 The Symphony
    CHAPTER 14 Other Classical Genres
        Global Perspectives Musical Form: Two Case Studies from Asia

    UNIT IV The Nineteenth Century
    CHAPTER 15 Beethoven
    CHAPTER 16 Prelude: Music after Beethoven: Romanticism
    CHAPTER 17 The Early Romantics
    CHAPTER 18 Romantic Opera
    CHAPTER 19 The Late Romantics
        Global Perspectives Musical Drama Worldwide
    UNIT V The Twentieth Century and Beyond
    CHAPTER 20 Prelude: Music and Modernism
    CHAPTER 21 Early Modernism
    CHAPTER 22 Modernism between the Wars
    CHAPTER 23 The Late Twentieth Century
    CHAPTER 24 Music in America: Jazz and Beyond
        Global Perspectives Global Music
    Appendix A Time Lines
    Appendix B Musical Notation
    Glossary of Musical Terms

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