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  • September 2016
  • ISBN: 978-0-500-29209-9
  • 464 pages
  • Territory Rights: USA and Dependencies, Philippines and Canada.

A New History of Animation


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Maureen Furniss (Author)


A brand-new, comprehensive history of world animation

A New History of Animation guides readers through the history and context of animation from around the world. The book assumes no prior knowledge of the subject and explains all the key technical concepts, filling a gap in the market for a complete and well-researched animation history textbook that can be used by teachers in trade schools and universities worldwide, as well as by readers interested in the story of this evolving medium.

Topics covered include: early cinema and the foundations of the animation industry; animation as modern art and the emergence of the major studios; animation during wartime; stop-motion; new audiences for animation, in advertising, television, and games; animation from Eastern Europe; short films; computer-generated animation; international animation from Japan and elsewhere; and animation as an art form.



    Part 1: Origins of Animation
    Chapter 1: Setting the Scene for Animation
    Chapter 2: The Magic of Early Cinema
    Chapter 3: Foundations of the Animation Industry
    Chapter 4: The Late Silent Era and the Coming of Sound

    Part 2: Early Animation
    Chapter 5: Animation as Modern Art
    Chapter 6: Disney’s New Aesthetic
    Chapter 7: Style and the Fleischer Studio
    Chapter 8: Comedy and the Dominance of American Animation

    Part 3: Wartime and Midcentury
    Chapter 9: Animation in World War II
    Chapter 10: International Developments in Postwar Animation
    Chapter 11: Stop-Motion Approaches
    Chapter 12: Mid-Century Shifts in American Design
    Chapter 13: Early Television Animation

    Part 4: Experimental Modes
    Chapter 14: Postwar Experimentation
    Chapter 15: New Audiences for Animated Features

    Part 5: New Contexts and Voices
    Chapter 16: The Emergence of Electronic Games
    Chapter 17: Voices from the Eastern Bloc
    Chapter 18: Authorship in Animated Shorts
    Chapter 19: The Disney Renaissance
    Chapter 20: Television as a Creative Space
    Chapter 21: Computer-Generated Animation in Features

    Part 6: Animation Worldwide
    Chapter 22: The Culture of Japanese Animation
    Chapter 23: A Panorama of World Animation
    Chapter 24: Animation in the Art World

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