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  • June 2016
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  • 720 pages
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Psychology in Your Life

Second Edition

Ebook, EPUB

Ebook, InQuizitive, and ZAPS 2.0

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Sarah Grison (Author, Parkland College), Michael Gazzaniga (Author, University of California, Santa Barbara)


Makes science accessible at all levels by showing how psychology is relevant to students’ everyday lives.

Author Sarah Grison—an expert in the teaching of introductory psychology—has created a print and digital package with an equal commitment to the success of every instructor and student. A strong, author-driven support package—rich with original media, a test bank, Active Learning slides, and InQuizitive adaptive learning modules—provides instructors with everything they need to help today’s students understand and apply introductory psychology.


An equal, unparalleled emphasis on teaching and learning

Psychology in Your Life offers the only package in the introductory psychology market to place equal emphasis on active learning and teaching support. Author Sarah Grison’s strong involvement in the development of the media package creates consistency with the text’s learning goals, and our author-driven ancillaries help instructors of all levels promote active learning in their classrooms.   

Pedagogy-rich chapters highlight study skills, scientific and critical thinking, and psychology’s real-world application

Throughout the Second Edition, the most current APA Guidelines 2.0 for introductory psychology are color-coded for ease in identification and helping students connect psychology to their everyday lives.  

Red Pedagogy:

--Learning Goals and Reading Activities open each section and help students engage with the material and retain what they read. 
--Learning Tips anticipate areas that will challenge students and highlight ways to process complex information. 

Blue Pedagogy:

--Scientific Thinking boxes demystify the scientific process by applying the steps of the scientific method to research mentioned in each chapter. This recurring structure aids students in recalling the scientific method throughout their reading.
--Being a Critical Consumer boxes challenge students to evaluate claims made in the media, news, or journals, thus training them to become critical consumers of information 

Gold Pedagogy:

--Has It Happened to You? boxes engage students with real-world examples they will encounter in their everyday lives. 
--Using Psychology in Your Life boxes explain how students can use the principles in the text to improve their lives. 

A rich media program helps students master core concepts

An abundance of resources tailored to the Second Edition reinforce the key ideas students encounter in the text. InQuizitive—our new formative, adaptive online self-assessment and study environment—engages students with personalized quiz questions and reflects over a year of careful development and class testing by author Sarah Grison. The free coursepack includes Pre-Lecture and Post-Study quizzes, Demonstration videos with accompanying discussion questions, flashcards, ebook links, and a full test bank, and it integrates seamlessly with your existing Learning Management System. The interactive ebook features new, embedded Concept videos and Demonstration videos that help students better comprehend core psychological concepts.    

A new chapter on sex, gender, and sexuality 

The Second Edition provides a thoughtful and scientific overview of the essential information on gender and sexuality, including discussions of gender roles, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Has It Happened to You? features explore relatable, everyday examples and cover topics such as “Supporting People Who Are Transgender or Gender Nonconforming” and “Decoding LGBTQIA.”     

    1. Introducing the World of Psychology
    2. The Role of Biology in Psychology
    3. Consciousness 
    4. Development Across the Life Span
    5. Sensation and Perception 
    6. Learning
    7. Memory
    8. Thinking and Intelligence
    9. Motivation and Emotion
    10. Sex, Gender, and Sexuality
    11. Health and Well-Being
    12. Social Psychology
    13. Self and Personality
    14. Psychological Disorders 
    15. Psychological Treatments
    Appendix A: Analyzing Data in Psychological Research
    Appendix B: Quizzes