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  • Spiral Bound
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  • January 2016
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-92364-3
  • 624 pages
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The Laboratory Experience

Spiral Bound

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Steven Keating (Author, Pennsylvania State University)


Students get more out of their microbiology lab experience because the manual has thorough introductions that emphasize important concepts and applications---written in a uniquely-engaging authorial voice---and is accompanied by an unparalleled visual program.

Written by a microbiologist with over two decades of collective experience both teaching and coordinating lab courses, Microbiology: The Laboratory Experience teaches the science behind the labs. It explains, with a uniquely-engaging authorial voice, the reasons behind the methods. Each lab has a thorough introduction that emphasizes the relevant concepts and applications, and is accompanied by an unparalleled visual program. Microbiology: The Laboratory Experience can be used independently or in tandem with either of Norton’s microbiology textbooks—Microbiology: The Human Experience and Microbiology: An Evolving Science—at an unmatched value.


Helps students grasp the microbiology behind each lab

Microbiology: The Laboratory Experience promotes holistic understanding of key microbial concepts and laboratory techniques, rather than just asking students to follow simple step-by-step instructions. Extensive introductions to each lab, lab protocols that emphasize the overall objective of the experiment, and Thought Questions (at the end of each lab) encourage students to apply lab results to both their microbiology course and to the real world. These features, along with the excellent art program, promote a solid and genuine understanding of the course material.  

Dynamic visuals distill complex concepts and demonstrate correct lab procedures

Content is presented through engaging, up-to-date illustrations that were developed either specifically for the manual or adapted from Norton textbooks---Microbiology: An Evolving Science and Microbiology: The Human Experience. Photographs taken exclusively for Microbiology: The Laboratory Experience show students exactly what lab procedures should look like, while meticulously researched micrographs familiarize students with the organisms they'll be studying.  

Draws students into the material and provides support in the lab

Steve Keating writes in a conversational style that motivates students to read before jumping into the activities. Short histories illustrate the process of scientific discovery and application, and they reveal the fascinating origins of the methods that the students are about to employ. Protocols offering reminders, tips, and hints put students at ease as they complete each lab and quotes from sources as diverse as Dr. Seuss, Monty Python, and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy enliven the text and motivate closer reading. Pop culture references and descriptions of the everyday applications of lab methods help students to make connections between the lab and the real world. 

A rich companion resource

Teaching Microbiology Lab, A Guide to Microbiology: The Laboratory Experience provides lab instructors and coordinators with all of the tips and tools needed to administer a successful course. The first half of the guide includes vivid descriptions and helpful suggestions for designing a course, creating a syllabus, interacting with students or TAs, and more. The second half provides further background information, a guide for teaching each lab, materials checklists, suggestions for modification, answers to the questions in the lab exercises, and ways to expand each lab.  


    Safety and Waste Disposal Procedures

    Unit 1 The Fundamentals

    Lab 1 - The Microscope

    Lab 2 - Working with Culture Media and Pure Culture-Transfer

    Lab 3 - Creating and Storing Pure Cultures

    Lab 4 - Quantitative Plate Counts

    Unit 2 Staining Microbes

    Lab 5 - Simple Staining and Cell Morphology

    Lab 6 - The Gram Stain

    Lab 7 - The Acid-Fast Stain

    Lab 8 - The Spore Stain

    Unit 3 Effects of the Environment on Microbial Growth

    Lab 9 - Media Components, Bacterial Nutrition, and Sterilization

    Lab 10 - Bacterial Enzymes and Use of Nutrients

    Lab 11 - Temperature and Bacterial Growth

    Lab 12 - Osmotic Pressure

    Lab 13 - Environmental pH, Fermentation, and Buffers

    Lab 14 - Oxygen

    Lab 15 - Disinfectants and Antiseptics

    Lab 16 - Ultraviolet Light

    Lab 17 - Antibiotic Sensitivity Test

    Lab 18- Minimum Inhibitory Concentration Assay

    Unit 4 Identifying Medically Significant Bacteria

    Lab 19 - Introduction to Isolating and Identifying Bacteria: Isolation of Bacillus Species

    Lab 20- The Polymerase Chain Reaction and the Identification of Bacillus cereus from Soil Samples

    Lab 21 - Streptococcus and Enterococcus

    Lab 22 - Staphylococcus and Micrococcus

    Lab 23 - Pseudomonas, a Gram Negative Genus

    Lab 24 - Family Enterobacteriaceae

    Lab 25 - Assays for Identification of Enteric Species

    Lab 26 - Identification of Unknown Enteric Species

    Lab 27 – Identification of Enteric Bacteria Using the EnteroPluri System

    Lab 28 - Immunoassay Identification of Salmonella

    Unit 5 Applied Food and Water Microbiology

    Lab 29 - Milk Microbiology

    Lab 30 - Water Analysis

    Lab 31 - Enterics in Meat

    Lab 32 - Microbiology and Chemistry of Wine

    Unit 6 Microbial Ecology

    Lab 33 – The Nitrogen Cycle

    Lab 34 - Winogradsky Columns

    Lab 35 - Antibiotic Producers in Soil and Selection for Streptomyces

    Unit 7 Viruses

    Lab 36 – Bacteriophages and Bacteriophage Titers

    Lab 37 - Bacteriophage Typing

    Appendix 1- Using Glass and Plastic Serological Pipettes

    Appendix 2- Using Digital Micropipetters


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