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  • June 2016
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-26593-4
  • 1776 pages
  • Volume(s): One-Volume
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A Narrative History

Tenth Edition

Hardcover + Digital Product License Key Folder

Volume(s): One-Volume

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David E. Shi (Author, Furman University), George Brown Tindall (Author, late of the University of North Carolina)


The leading narrative history that students love to read, now made more relevant and accessible.

With more than two million copies sold, America remains the leading narrative history survey text because it’s a book that students enjoy reading. The Tenth Edition is both more relevant, offering increased attention to the culture of everyday life, and more accessible, featuring a reduced number of chapters and a streamlined narrative throughout.


Increased relevance and improved balance

David Shi’s thorough revision of the Tenth Edition maintains America’s classic narrative style while presenting balanced coverage of classic political history—including events, government, and leaders—with the social history of ordinary individuals and group. A highlight of this new edition is a new focus on the culture of daily life throughout, exploring how everyday people lived and allowing students to engage with the past as it relates to their own experiences.  

New media resources strengthen comprehension and develop essential skills

The Tenth Edition is supported by a rich suite of online tools—all directly linked to the text—that help instructors meet their goals for the course and provide students with a range of opportunities to develop important history skills:
InQuizitive is a NEW formative, adaptive learning tool built around the Focus Questions in each chapter of America: A Narrative History, Tenth Edition. Students are quizzed on core concepts, primary sources, maps, and visual artifacts to build their foundational understanding of the chapter and challenge them to develop their history skills.
• A free Coursepack allows instructors to assign new guiding reading exercises and new primary source exercises, map activities, and more within their own learning management system course. All resources are drawn directly from the text and provide gradable elements that report to the instructor’s LMS gradebook.
• A separate Student Site allows access to primary sources, videos, and maps. 

More readable and teachable than ever

America follows a cohesive, single-author organization and has been consolidated from 34 to 32 chapters to better fit two 15-week semesters. For the Tenth Edition, the narrative has been reduced in length by 15 percent while gaining enhanced illustrations and maps. Chapters 6 and 7 in the previous edition have been combined to form the new Chapter 6 (“Strengthening the New Nation”), while Chapters 20 and 21 in the previous edition have been combined to make the new Chapter 19 (“Political Stalemate and Rural Revolt”).  

An unbeatable value with packaging options to suit any course

America’s long-standing value is only enhanced by the wide range of options available:
For interactive learning and flipped classrooms: New Reacting to the Past role-playing games provide an award-winning option.
For primary source analysis: For the Record: A Documentary History, Sixth Edition, edited by David Shi and Holly Mayer, has been streamlined and revised to follow America’s, Tenth Edition, table of contents. This two-volume reader contains roughly 250 primary sources texts and images.
For customization: The Norton Mix: American History allows instructors to create their own reader of primary and secondary source materials as well as chapters from America, Tenth Edition.
For engagement with non-textbook materials: An array of our distinguished trade paperbacks can be packaged with America, Tenth Edition, at a considerable discount. 

    One-Volume: Chapters 1–32
    Volume 1: Chapters 1–16
    Volume 2: Chapters 16–32

    Part One / A Not-So-“New” World
    Chapter 1. The Collision of Cultures
    Chapter 2. England’s Colonies
    Chapter 3. Colonial Ways of Life
    Chapter 4. From Colonies to States

    Part Two / Building a Nation

    Chapter 5. The American Revolution, 1776–1783
    Chapter 6. Strengthening the New Nation
    Chapter 7. The Early Republic, 1800–1815

    Part Three / An Expanding Nation
    Chapter 8. The Emergence of a Market Economy, 1815–1850
    Chapter 9. Nationalism and Sectionalism, 1815–1828
    Chapter 10. The Jacksonian Era, 1828–1840
    Chapter 11. The South, Slavery, and King Cotton, 1800–1860
    Chapter 12. Religion, Romanticism, and Reform, 1800–1860

    Part Four / A House Divided and Rebuilt

    Chapter 13. Western Expansion, 1830–1848
    Chapter 14. The Gathering Storm, 1848–1860
    Chapter 15. The War of the Union, 1861–1865
    Chapter 16. The Era of Reconstruction, 1865–1877

    Part Five / Growing Pains
    Chapter 17. Business and Labor in the Industrial Era, 1860–1900
    Chapter 18. The New South and the New West, 1865–1900
    Chapter 19. Political Stalemate and Rural Revolt, 1865–1900

    Part Six / Modern America
    Chapter 20. Seizing an American Empire, 1865–1913
    Chapter 21. The Progressive Era, 1890–1920
    Chapter 22. America and the Great War, 1914–1920
    Chapter 23. A Clash of Cultures, 1920–1929
    Chapter 24. The Reactionary Twenties
    Chapter 25. The Great Depression, 1929–1939
    Chapter 26. The Second World War, 1933–1945

    Part Seven / The American Age
    Chapter 27. The Cold War and the Fair Deal, 1945–1952
    Chapter 28. Cold War America, 1950–1959
    Chapter 29. A New Frontier and a Great Society, 1960–1968
    Chapter 30. Rebellion and Reaction, the 1960s and 1970s
    Chapter 31. Conservative Revival, 1977–1990
    Chapter 32. Twenty-First-Century America, 1993–Present

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