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  • December 2015
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-26446-3
  • 784 pages
  • Territory Rights: Worldwide

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    These United States

    A Nation in the Making: 1890 to the Present


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    Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore (Author, Yale University), Thomas J. Sugrue (Author, New York University)


    From two major scholars, a powerful narrative that explores the making and unmaking of American democracy and global power in the twentieth century.

    President Franklin Roosevelt told Americans in a 1936 fireside chat, “I do not look upon these United States as a finished product. We are still in the making.” These United States builds on this foundation to present a readable, accessible history of the United States throughout the twentieth century—an ongoing and inspiring story of great leaders and everyday citizens marching, fighting, voting, and legislating to make the nation’s promise of democracy a reality for all Americans.

    In the college edition of These United States, Gilmore and Sugrue seamlessly weave insightful analysis with all of the support tools needed by students and instructors alike, including paired primary source documents, review questions, key terms, maps, and figures in a dynamic four-color design.


    Endorsements & Reviews

    “[A] timely, remarkable new survey of America since 1890 […] required reading.” — Eric Herschthal, Slate

    “A terrifically accessible, up-to-date educational tool.” — Kirkus Reviews

    A powerful blend of narrative and analysis

    An absorbing, people-driven narrative brings together major and minor characters of the pivotal twentieth century. In every chapter, opening vignettes use characters—some well-known, such as Betty Friedan and John Lewis, but most everyday Americans—to drive the history, while insightful analyses throughout weigh the advances and retreats in equality and opportunity across the century. 

    A balanced and integrated approach

    Building on the theme of a nation in the making, These United States explores the many and varied political and social narratives defining the twentieth century. Topics include:
    • African American and civil rights history, from Jim Crow to Obama and Ferguson.
    • Women’s history, including the suffrage movement, work, the family, and feminism.
    • The rise of the American state at home and abroad through two world wars, Progressivism, the New Deal, the Great Society, and Vietnam, as well as the counter pressures brought by the New Right, conservative politics, and the challenges of the post-9/11 world.
    • The economy and equality, particularly the development of a world-leading manufacturing economy and its unraveling in the 1970s and beyond. 


    Throughout the narrative, a question runs beneath the surface: Should we consider the long twentieth century the American century, or was the post-World War II period of middle-class security, political consensus, expanding opportunity, and global influence an exception owing to specific historical circumstances? This theme gives students the historical perspective to understand current concerns over inequality still pervasive in American life.

    Addresses contemporary concerns through contemporary scholarship

    The author team’s combined expertise on twentieth-century American history—particularly the history of civil rights—brings unparalleled scholarship to the text. The theme of a nation in the making, coupled with traditional views of the civil rights movement that are expanded over both time and place, gives These United States a contemporary edge that connects with current conversations about inequality.  

    A rich support package

    These United States offers all of the support tools needed by students and instructors alike. A visually dynamic four-color design is rich with maps, figures, and illustrations throughout. In every chapter, paired documents (“Making a Nation”) engage students in a critical analysis of primary sources, while an end-of-chapter section includes review questions and a list of key terms that are defined in a glossary at the back. The text is accompanied by a variety of media resources—including a test bank and PowerPoints of the maps, illustrations, and figures from the text—at no additional cost. Package options include Norton’s substantial library of history paperbacks and Norton Critical Editions, as well as the award-winning series of Reacting to the Past role-playing games, particularly Greenwich Village, 1913. Custom options include the Norton Mix: American History, which can be customized with chapters from These United States and/or documents on the twentieth century to create the ideal reader for any history classroom.  

      Full Edition: Chapters 1-15
      Post-45 Edition: Chapters 8-15

      Chapter 1. Origins of the American Century
      Chapter 2. “To Start to Make This World Over”: Imperialism and Progressivism, 1898–1912
      Chapter 3. Refining and Exporting Progressivism: Wilson’s New Freedom and the Great War, 1913–1919
      Chapter 4. Prosperity’s Precipice: The Paradoxes of the 1920s
      Chapter 5. A Twentieth-Century President: Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s First Term, 1932–1936
      Chapter 6. A Rendezvous with Destiny, 1936–1941
      Chapter 7. The Watershed of War: At Home and Abroad, 1942–1945
      Chapter 8. A Rising Superpower, 1944–1954
      Chapter 9. Postwar Prosperity and Its Discontents 1946—1960
      Chapter 10. A Season of Change: Liberals and the Limits of Reform, 1960–1966
      Chapter 11. May Day: Vietnam and the Crisis of the 1960s
      Chapter 12. Which Side Are You On? The Battle for Middle America, 1968–1974
      Chapter 13. A Season of Darkness: The Troubled 1970s
      Chapter 14. The New Gilded Age, 1980–2000
      Chapter 15. United We Stand, Divided We Fall, Since 2000

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