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Laboratory Manual and Workbook for Biological Anthropology

Engaging with Human Evolution

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K. Elizabeth Soluri (Author, College of Marin), Sabrina C. Agarwal (Author, University of California - Berkeley)


The perfect lab solution.

A vividly illustrated, flexible, and topically balanced manual with a critical-thinking approach—all at an unbeatable value.


A captivating art program

Laboratory Manual and Workbook for Biological Anthropology is rich with detailed illustrations, an inviting, four-color design, and vivid specimen photographs, many of which were taken expressly for this text. Worksheets throughout the text have been designed for ease of use.  

A flexible, modular approach

All of the labs can be used together or as separate entities—a modular approach that offers unmatched flexibility in scheduling and lesson planning and makes it easy to run your lab. Each lab contains Critical Thinking Questions that accompany Concept Review Questions and Lab Exercises to ensure that students are grasping and retaining material. The manual works with your school’s fossil cast collection, photographs of your choice, or with a sample selection of “mystery fossils” provided for each exercise. 

Balanced coverage, cutting-edge research, and a focus on critical thinking

In every chapter, new research is incorporated to emphasize that bioanthropology is an evolving discipline. For example, Lab 8 draws on current genetic research related to skin color (the SLC45A2 gene) and an allele linked to alcohol metabolization (the ADH1B*47His allele). Each lab features a variety of critical-thinking questions, often on applied topics such as comparing global obesity trends, and every chapter offers four labs on four major areas:
1) genetics/evolutionary theory
2) human osteology and forensics
3) primatology
4) paleoanthropology 

A rich media package, at an unmatched value

Laboratory Manual and Workbook for Biological Anthropology includes all of the tools you need to support your lab outside of the classroom. A coursepack offers pre-built lab exercises ideal for distance- and blended-learning students, in addition to flashcards, access to animations, and videos. A complete Instructor’s Manual, as well as electronic versions of art, photographs, and tables are also available. Laboratory Manual and Workbook for Biological Anthropology is available for $55 net when purchased independently and at a 50% discount when bundled with any Norton physical anthropology text. Three-hole punch and custom lab options are also available. 

    Part One: Genetics and Evolutionary Theory
    Lab 1: Biological Anthropology and the Scientific Method
    Lab 2: Genetics
    Lab 3: Inheritance
    Lab 4: Forces of Evolution

    Part Two: Modern Humans
    Lab 5: Introduction to the Skeleton
    Lab 6: Bones of the Skeleton
    Lab 7: Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology
    Lab 8: Modern Human Variation

    Part Three: Primatology
    Lab 9: Classification
    Lab 10: Overview of the Living Primates
    Lab 11: Primate Behavior
    Lab 12: Comparative Primate Anatomy

    Part Four: Paleoanthropology
    Lab 13: Primate Evolution
    Lab 14: Identifying the Human Lineage
    Lab 15: The Australopithecines and Early Members of the Genus Homo
    Lab 16: Later Members of the Genus Homo